2022 Participants at the Purdue Veterinary Medicine Open House

Megan Ashby


Scrubbing In For Surgery

This informative visual presentation teaches viewers how to prepare for surgery. It covers how to properly wash your hands, how to put on a sterile gown and gloves, and how to maintain a sterile field. Included are supplies for the viewer to experience scrubbing in for surgery for themselves.

Kelsie Avery


Learning the Anatomy of Poultry

My project displayed is a teaching aid of poultry anatomy. Within the project is a way to learn the parts of poultry for any and all learning types. My project includes a binder of information, a poster of pictures, and an anatomically correct model of a chicken.

Abigail Black


Zoonotic Disease Detective

This project explores what zoonotic diseases are, which animals they belong to, and future prevention techniques. The purpose of the quiz board is to be able to recognize which animal cutout goes with which corresponding disease.

Ann Bergmann


Lyme Disease

With the current rise in Lyme Disease in Indiana, I thought it would be a good idea to bring more awareness to the disease. On my poster, I discuss what Lyme Disease is, how to test for it and how to help prevent your dog from catching the disease.

Emma Brames


Artificial Insemination in Bovine

My project is about artificial insemination in cattle. Artificial insemination is the process of collecting sperm cells from a bull, then manually depositing them into the reproductive tract of a heifer. This is the safest and most cost efficient way to breed your herd. The cow prop serves as a way to practice the correct method of artificial insemination.

Jamie Bube


If You’re Happy and You Know It, Wag Your Tail!

My teaching aid book is a helpful guide that can be used to 'decode' your pet. The teaching aid takes a brief look at what your dog’s behavior may mean.

Aidan Conley


Tooth or Consequences

A dog’s dental hygiene should not be overlooked. My project, “Tooth or Consequences” discusses the dangers, stages, and treatment/prevention of Periodontal Disease in dogs, as well as what dog owners can do at home in order to take care of their dog’s dental health.

Stella Dearing


How to AI a Dairy Goat

My project is a step-by-step demonstration on how to civically AI a dairy goat. Cervical AI is becoming extremely popular in the dairy goat industry and my project can show producers how simple it is and how easily it can be done in their own barn.

Lauren Eggleston


Get the Vaccine

Vaccines are an important step in preventing both human and animal immunity. The poster discusses why vaccines work the way they do. What vaccines are, and how they have been designed to work with a creature’s immune system. It also includes a brief overview of the immune system. It lists some of the more common vaccines for both dogs, cats, and large animals.

Tatyana Hobbs


May the Best Gene Win

My project focused on how dominant and recessive genes would be inherited. A Punnett square and sample-breeding chart were included. An activity to complete a chart to show hair length and ear type for dogs was available.

Caylee James


A Cattleman’s Guide to Breeding with Frozen Semen

My project describes safe and effective semen handling procedures to maximize sample viability. Following the guidelines will help producers achieve greater conception rates when breeding with frozen bovine semen.

Mariana Rivas


Puppy Prepared

My project, Puppy Prepared, is about information you will need to be able to medically and physically care for your puppy.

Cynthia Kenzie Slough


How to Insert and Properly Use an Esophageal Feeding Tube

In my project, I explained in detail ow to most efficiently insert a tube feeder into a calf. I also explained how to care for and restrain a calf during the feeding process.

Lilly Thomas


COVID-19 and Pets

COVID-19 and Pets is a scientific research project that consist of an informational display board, as well as an essay. It covers a variety of topics, including the symptoms of COVID-19 in animals, the treatment of COVID-19 in animals, and how to prevent them from contracting the virus.

Becca Van Slyke



My project is on the different ways to castrate animals. I talk about the different tools and how to properly use them. I also have the tools on display as well as a pair of testicles in formaldehyde.

Nina Wilson


A Spay a Day Keeps the Kits Away

This project was based on my experience of watching a cat spay. It includes the steps the cat would go through when it undergoes the procedure. The notebook included with the poster goes into detail of the operation along with facts about the female cat’s anatomy.

Bethany Worrell


Crossing Rainbow Bridge

The journey of euthanasia will always be stressful, but there are numerous ways to aid all involved. The exhibit, “Crossing Rainbow Bridge,” explores techniques to providing the most humane experience for the pet, the most beneficial process for the owner and the least harmful environment for the veterinary workers providing the service.