2023 Participants at the Purdue Veterinary Medicine Open House



The Road to My Dream

My project displays my job-shadowing experience with my veterinarian. My project includes a binder of what I learned, clay models of procedures and equipment, a poster full of photos with descriptions, and preserved animal body parts. It covers all aspects of what I learned throughout my experience.

Kylie Bedel


ABC’s of Preclinical Research

Tri-fold matching game using one word to match each letter of the alphabet. Pictures, words, an descriptions all used.

Anna Bergmann


Alpaca Tooth Abscess

In the spring of 2021, I noticed my Alpaca, Daisy, had a tooth abscess. My project follows the long journey of Daisy’s recovery as well as my journey of learning about a tooth abscess and how to treat one. Through this project, I learned how to administer a subcutaneous injection, clean an open wound and provide proper nutritional needs to Daisy in order to help her gain back the weight she lost due to the abscess.

Renee Bippus


Vestibular Syndrome in Dogs and Cats

Renee’s project describes the vestibular system and vestibular disease, including the signs, causes, testing and treatment options. She was inspired to research the system after shadowing a veterinarian and watching them examine a dog with a horizontal nystagmus, or uncontrollable eye movement.

Aidan Conley


ABC’s of the O.R.

One of the most important aspects of the O.R. (operating room) is the sterile environment. My project, AABC’s of the O.R. discusses the reasons why a sterile environment is needed, explains how this environment is achieved, and includes other notes on remaining safe during surgery.

Adalie Harper


Mane Diseases

My project is about six of the most common diseases found in horses. Looking at my project, you will see braided strings going from each ailment description to the area on the horse it affect. Among the six, five of them are treatable with interventions and one can only be given supportive care. I developed this project and wrote the accompanying report to teach others about an animal I care deeply for.

Tatyana Hobbs


Diagnostic Strategies for Osteoarthritis

My poster compares osteoarthritis in dogs and humans. Diagnostic strategy terms were explained and again compared between humans and canines. Finally, a mini quiz was included.

Caylee James


The Cattleman’s Guide to Successful Embryo Transfer

My project was designed to aid in the success a cattle producer may wish to achieve with embryo transfer, through the “ET Success Triangle.” This triangle outlines the importance of a high quality bovine recipient, a high quality bovine embryo, and a certified practitioner. All three components of the triangle must be available during embryo transfer, or else the cattle producer may experience low conception rates within their cattle herd.

Madelyn Miller


Out-of-Season Breeding and CIDR’s

My poster explains why sheep are seasonal breeders. It also explains how CIDR’s work and step-by-step instructions on how to apply them. The CIDR’s can help producers produce more livestock in a year than if they let them breed naturally.

Hailey Nimtz


Aggression in Dogs

This poster addresses the details of aggression in dogs. It explains what aggression is; the causes and types of it; the warning signs and what to look for; and how to fix this common, and often hidden, problem.

Keeley Scott


Swine Artificial Insemination

It is an artificial insemination simulator for swine. This tool can be used to train inexperienced swine breeders the art of artificial insemination. It also helps train them on the internal anatomy, and helps them learn to identify the internal parts from the outside.

Emma Stuart


Thymoma Cancer in the Baylor Bear

My 4-H Veterinary Science Project was based on the groundbreaking cancer treatment of the Baylor University bear mascot, name Lady. Lady, a large 18-year-old brown bead had a large mass in her chest. Her vet team of Texas A&M used a new therapy to treat her cancer with great success.

Hannah Thomas


Levels of Organization in Animals

This poster is about the main levels of organization in animals, which are cells, tissues, organs and organ systems. These are the main components of the organism. This is important material to know for diagnostics at a cellular level in veterinary medicine.

Melissa Tilden


Horse Reproduction

A trifold poster covering horse reproduction and color genes. A game on the poster helps demonstrate the color genes and allow people to practice.

Emily Waling


Buzzing About I.I.

My project describes the importance and overview of instrumental insemination of honeybees. II. Allows for genetic development, improvement, and control of bee mating. This improves aviary health, sustainability and improved yields of bees and honey.