2010 Participants at the Purdue Veterinary Medicine Open House


Elisabeth Jones

Elisabeth Jones

Dairy Reproduction

"I decided to focus my project on dairy reproduction because I have always loved working with and learning about large animals. I started getting more involved which has given me an advantage working at Ark of the Dunes Animal Hospital."

Josh Montel

Josh Montel

Famacha System


"I decided to do this project because I feel the Haemonchus worm needs to be further studied with both the lamb and goat industry blooming. The barber pole worm is the biggest threat as it drains the animal of both protein and blood. There are many steps that need to be taken. This inlcudes getting a Famacha card. The card is lined with color that includes:

dark red= no dose

light red= no dose

Med pink= borderline

light pink= dose

white= fatal dose is needed

With this current information, I am trying to receive a grant to continue my research on the Haemonchus worm and its mutations."


Brittany Rasche

Brittany Rasche

Diagnosing a Dog's Dilemma: An Owner's Guide to Canine Disease


"In order to keep pets healthy, a person must have a good understanding of the diseases they contract. Therefore, I decided to create a booklet abour various diseases that can harm dogs."

Cate Fritchley

Cate Fritchley

Blood Analysis: How Does the Age of a Dog Affect Their Blood Chemistry


"Blood chemistry has always fascinated me and through my project I tested when puppies ALP, ALT, Blood Urea Nitrogen, Creatinine, Glucose, and Total Protein levels were in the normal range, which I concluded was at the age of 24 weeks."

Keith Brown

Keith Brown

Gelding Horses


"My name is Keith Brown and I did my project on gelding horses. It is an important decision to geld. I designed a series of brochures to help with the process of deciding and what to do when you get your horse gelded."

Kaitlyn Martin

Kaitlyn Martin

Canine Heartworm and Feline Blood Transfusion


"I obtained the ideas for both these posters while shadowing a local veterarian. Now I shadow all the time! I love being around this field because I find it so intriguing."

Hannah Byers

Hannah Byers

An Eye for An Eye Project


"One of my dogs was diagnosed with ophthalmic problems and so I decided to research the different diseases of the eye. I researched diseases found in cats, dogs, and horses."

Sarah Fisher

Sarah Fisher

Animal Heroes


"My name is Sarah Fisher, a sophomore from Salem. I researched careers that involve a degree in animal sciences or veterinary medicine. Many people are confused by the difference between a veterinary technician and a veterinarian. I learned just how much nutritionists do and have to know about animals to keep their food safe and clean. I learned a lot about different careers available that involve veterinary medicine."

Lydia Smith

Lydia Smith

Genetics in Veterinary Science


"Genetics are very important to veterinary science because genetics help us understand what traits will be passed on to animals' offspring. Diseases such as TH (Tibial Hemimelia) have become preventable because of better knowledge of genetics."


Rowan Caylor


Hidden Hazards


"Many people don't realize how harmful many household items can be. I did this project to raise awareness and hopefully prevent some injuries."


Brad Abplanalp


Terrier Tumor Troubles


"My name is Brad Abplanalp originally from Brownsburg, IN. I am now a freshman at Purdue University majoring in Biology and Pre-Vet with a wildlife minor. I am so grateful that I was able to participate in this phenomenal opportunity for one last time. My last 4-H Vet Science project explored why Scottish Terriers are most at risk for developing canine bladder cancer TCC masses. This Star Trek related theme came about through a job shadow with Dr. Knapp in Small Animal Oncology at PUSVM during my senior year of high school." 


Katelin Bahr


Navicular Syndrome


"My poster displays the signs, causes, treatment, and ways to reduce the risk of navicular. I chose this because my horse has navicular."


Eamonn Daily


Animal Classification Matching Game


"Animals are classified in a variety of ways. This helps scientists to study them. I have made up a matching game to help people learn them."


Justin Knoll


Veterinary Knowledge Pursuit (Versions 1 and 2)


"My name is Justin Knoll and I'm a 10 year 4-Her. My project is called Veterinary Knowledge Pursuit (Versions 1 and 2). It is a game that is based around knowledge that should be known by those in the vet field. Version 1 focuses on general knowledge while version 2 focuses on parasites in dogs and cats. I did this project to make a fun and involved learning tool to be used by everyone."


Brittnee Fisher


Zoonotic Diseases


"My name is Brittnee  Fisher and my project is on zoonotic diseases. A zoonotic disease is one that can be transmitted between animals and humans. I chose this project not only to educate myself but to show others the dangers of zoonotic diseases, how to protect themselves, and what to do if they were to contract one of these diseases."


Rachel Seals


Size Matters


"My project shows comparison of age at puberty and length of gestation for different types of animals. It shows how, based on the size of the animal, you can figure out the length of gestation. I included many different mammals that a vet might see."


Brooke Ponder


Artificial Insemination (A.I.) in Cattle


"My project shows how to A.I. a cow. The poster also shows what equipment is used and what each piece is used for. This topic interested me because my family uses A.I. to breed many of our cows."


Jessica Weisheit


Parasite? What Parasite?


"My project for Vet Science is a matching game. The player has to match the parasite up with what it does and causes. I was fascinated with the parasite activity and wanted to help others understand the parasites that may infect their pets."


Kelsey Jefferson


Punnet Square Quiz Board


"Punnet squares help in detrmining certain traits an offspring will have. When a dominant trait is present there will be a greater chance of the offspring having that trait."


Jordan Eldridge


Careers in Veterinary Science


My project explains and describes jobs that involve veterinary science. I did the project to intrigue the public and to push them into a veterinary career.


Jessica Showley


What's Biting You?


Fleas are a very harmful parasite, more than people realize. There are many preventable diseases that the public doesn't know about.


Alexandra Lesniak


Canine Mast Cell Tumors


"My project is on canine mast cell tumors. These mast cells are found naturally in the body, however, a large amount of them can cause problems. These tumors can be very serious and can spread throughout the body. I personally picked this project because I work with a vet whose dog was an amputee due to a Grade II mast cell tumor when it was 13 weeks. I was really interested in this project on a personal level."


Abbagail Henry


Digestive System of Ruminants


"Describe the functions and parts of a ruminant's stomachs. Also talk about bloating and how to prevent it."


Theresa Weidner


Silent Killer


"My sister's dog died from canine lymphoma last June and that gave me the idea to learn a little more about this kind of cancer."


Christa Finley


Caring For Your Aging Dog


"I'm Christa Finley, a senior from Plymouth. I did a study on canine geriatrics, covering arthritis pain managment, hospice care, and euthanasia. My dogs (13 yrs) originally got me interested in the topic and I was grateful for the knowledge I had gained when he passed away a few weeks ago. I hope I can help ease others' pain as well."


Kaitlyn Bond


Shots for Trots, A Horse Owners Guide to Vaccinations


"As a horse owner I think it's very impirtant for people to be educated on vaccines their horses need."


Katie Barnett


Embryo Transfer


My name is Katie Barnett, sophomore, from South Whitley. I did my poster on embryo transfer for sheep. I am fascinated on the transfer of embryos from ewe to surrogate mother. I plan to be an embryologist for sheep and cattle.


Rachel Schmitt


Cuts of Beef


"My name is Rachel Schmitt and my project shows the different qualities and cuts of beef based on their demand and popularity based on today's market industry. I chose this project because I see it as a tool to help myself and others."