Staff Awards

The following Purdue Veterinary Medicine awards honor outstanding staff.

PVM Outstanding Staff Award

The Outstanding Staff Award recognizes excellence of endeavors of employees of the College who are not faculty members.


Nominations are due 03/01/2024.


Nomination Packet

Submit nomination documents to The Office of the Dean.


  1. All non-faculty permanent employees not primarily engaged in research-related activities of the PVM and directly associated units (including but not limited to the Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory, the PVM Research Animal Facility, the PVM Business Office, and the PVM Library).
  2. Recipients of the award shall be inelegible for reconsideration during the following year only.


  1. Any number of eligible staff members may be nominated to the Selection Committee.
  2. There shall not be more than two awards per year. One award will be limited to nominees from the Veterinary Hospital and Veterinary Clinical Sciences Department. The other award will be limited to nominees from Basic Medical Sciences Department, Veterinary Administration Department, and Veterinary Pathobiology Department.
  3. Criteria for selection are judged performances and contributions in one or more of the following:
    • Excellence in service to the students, staff, faculty, and other constituencies of the College.
    • Excellence in enhancing the image of the College with its public.
    • Excellence in public and professional services and relations.
    • Exceptional performance of assigned duties above and beyond that ordinarily expected of the position.

Past Recipients

From the Veterinary Hospital and Veterinary Clinical Sciences Departments:

  • Jolene Knuth (2023)
  • Tami Lind (2021)
  • Megan Brashear (2020)
  • Theresa Jeffrey (2019)
  • Amy Huffman (2018)
  • Amy Huffman, RVT, Jessica Roller, Jeannine Henry, RVT and Theresa Jeffrey (2019)

From the departments of Basic Medical Sciences, Veterinary Administration, and Comparative Pathobiology:

  • Janet Rivers (2022)
  • Dr. Craig Bowen (2021)
  • Alyx Guadarrama (2020)
  • Jeannine Henry (2019)
  • Jessica Roller (2018)
  • Dennis Barnett (2017)
  • Dr. Kauline Cipriani (2017)

Outstanding Research Staff Award

This award recognizes research staff for their outstanding contributions.


Nominations are due 03/11/2024.


Nomination Packet

Submit nomination documents to The Office of Research.

Past Recipients

  • Kathy Ragheb (2023)
  • Ekramy Sayedahmed (2022)
  • Laura Murray (2021)
  • Dr. Abhijit Mukhopadhyay (2020)
  • Dr. Deepika Dhawan (2019)
  • Robyn McCain (2018) 
  • Donna Griffey (2017)

The Bravo+ Award

This award is given to faculty and staff to recognize, honor, and highlight their contributions to moving Purdue forward.


Nominations are due 03/11/2024.

Past Recipients


  • Jennifer Ashley
  • Amy Balser
  • Tressa Bowman
  • Crystal Bradford
  • Angie Chan
  • Scott Fix
  • Amy Fridlund
  • Rachel Kelly
  • Laura Marsh
  • Brittney McDonald
  • Shelly Opperman
  • Melanie Prouse
  • Michelle Schmierer
  • Amy Smeltzer
  • Meggan Stanton
  • Anesthesia Nurses Team Award: Olivia Buschman, Olivia Coon, Alena Epperson, Elisa Hostetler, Jolene Knuth, Chloe Morris
    Small Animal Emergency/Critical Care Veterinary Nurses and Veterinary Assistants Team Award: Melissa Campbell, Ashley DiPrete, Courtney Dolwick, Chesala Durnal, Sara Dyson, Kylie Helming, Rachel James, Michelle Kelley, Tami Lind, Mackenzie Lynas, Luca Maney, Elizabeth Mariscal, Taryn Schultz, Brielle Starr, Sara Uebler


  • Art Armstrong
  • Dennis Barnett
  • Linley Brewer
  • Danielle Buchanan
  • Carissa Burgess
  • Lynn Carmony
  • Cassie Cords
  • Kevin Draper
  • Makayla Espinosa
  • Lorraine Fox
  • Gabriela Gambirazio
  • Lisa Hunter
  • Bill Kielhorn
  • Jolene Knuth
  • Joni Krause
  • Tami Lind
  • MacKenzie McIntosh
  • Holly McCalip
  • Carolyn McLaughlin
  • Brittney Poe
  • Crystal Rice
  • Michelle Ruedin
  • Amy Smeltzer
  • Bill Smothers
  • Stephanie Terry
  • Joey Woodyard
  • Rachel Yoquelet
  • Career Fair Team Award: Paige Allen, Marisela Shippam
  • Equine Field Service Technicians and Receptionist Team Award: Kyle Clever, Allison MacKenzie, Cindy Schuh
  • PVH Large Animal Caretakers Team Award: Jennifer Day, Sara Green, Sarah Johnson


  • Nancy Allrich
  • Crystal Bradford
  • Alison Clauser
  • Christy DeYoung
  • Ashlee Eddings
  • Wright Frazier
  • Alyx Guadarrama
  • Coral Kent-Dennis
  • Brittany Laflen
  • Tami Lind
  • Deborah Lubelski
  • MacKenzie McIntosh
  • Sarah Schroeder
  • Audrey Songer
  • Susan Xioufaridou
  • COVID-19 Receiving Team: Dr. Abigail Cox, Dr. Geoffrey Lossie, Dr. Jose Ramos-Vara, Dr. Mario Sola, Dr. Nobuko Wakamatsu-Utsuki
  • Student Services Team Award for the Career Fair: Paige Allen, Shelly Opperman, Amanda Taylor
  • VAD Team Award for 2021 Centers for Human Animal Bond Conference: Wright Frazier, Tricia Johnson, Susan Xioufaridou
  • Versa Technicians in Shelter Medicine and Surgery/Priority 4 Paws Team Award: Shelley Harmon, Ashlee Hershman, Kenzie Pfledderer, Megan Pickering, Victoria Shackelford


  • Dr. Craig Bowen
  • Jennifer Hewitt
  • Pamela Kirby
  • Jolene Knuth
  • Debbie Morgan
  • Brittney Rhodes
  • Dr. Marije Risselada
  • Tony Scalone
  • Liane Shaw
  • Cassandra Simmons
  • Amanda Taylor
  • Ann Templeman
  • Dr. Becky Wilkes
  • COVID-19 Sample Intake Team Award: Elaine Baird, Vicky Cross, Amy Fridlund, Abby Props, Hilary Richards, Mary Ruzicka, Amy Smeltzer
  • Molecular Laboratory Staff Team Award: Angie Chan, Erin Christian, Tracey Clark, Scott Gentry, Farren Osborn, Eric Pouliot, Becca Witman


  • Timothy Arlowe
  • Jennifer Ashley
  • Danielle Buchanan
  • Dr. Teresa Buchheit
  • Victor Bernal-Crespo
  • Lynn Carmony
  • Angie Chan
  • Julie Commons
  • Mindy Cotton
  • Dr. Caroline Gillespie Harmon
  • Rose Giroux
  • Jeannine Henry
  • Dr. Stephanie Inoue
  • Dr. Tomo Inoue
  • Patty Kirts
  • Cindy Lavignette
  • Dr. Kellie McGrady
  • Dr. Abhijit Mukhopadhyay
  • Cindy Ralston
  • Janet Rivers
  • Sheila Stingle
  • Becca Witman
  • Jordan Williams
  • Carol Zink
  • ADDL Team Award: Louann Albregts, Tracey Clark, Brenda Turner


  • Paige Allen
  • Patty Bonney
  • Ariel Werner Bontrager
  • Tressa Bowman
  • Kathleen Burke
  • Josh Clark
  • Lindsey Fourez
  • Martie Knill
  • Sarah Lahrman
  • Julie Lewellen
  • Samantha McFarland
  • Pam Phegley
  • Julie Roahrig
  • Chris Royce
  • Jessica Schneider


  • Adrianne Fisch
  • Jan Goetz
  • Jesse Mabbitt
  • Nicholas O’Neill
  • Gloria Powell
  • Cassandra Simmons
  • Steve Vollmer
  • Kathy Allen
  • Susan Boesch
  • Dee DuSold
  • Larissa Budreau
  • LeAnna Sanders
  • Lisa Wright
  • Eric Zamora-Moran


  • Elaine Baird
  • Allison Carey
  • Angie Chan
  • Debbie Johnson
  • Velina Lindley
  • Ann Walters
  • Donna Schrader
  • Katrina Miller
  • Manoel Figueiredo Meto
  • Tony Scalone
  • Donna Schrader
  • Ann Walters
  • Crystal Hagan
  • Lexie Hayenga
  • William Kielhorn
  • Jason Lee
  • Gabrielle Shafer
  • Marisol Uribe

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