Faculty Research Awards

The following PVM awards honor outstanding Purdue Veterinary Medicine researchers.

PVM Excellence in Research Award

The PVM Excellence in Research Award honors faculty at the College of Veterinary Medicine who have demonstrated dedication and excellence in research.


Nominations are due 03/11/2024.


Nomination Packet

Email your nomination documents to the Office of Research at vetresearch@purdue.edu.

The nomination document should not exceed four pages, no smaller than 12 point font, and no less than 1" margins. The nomination document should contain all of the following components:

  1. Description of the quality and importance of the research program.
  2. Summary of scholarship activities related to research.
  3. Documentation of the impact of the research.
  4. Documentation of success in training students and post-docs.
  5. A copy of the nominee’s curriculum vitae (not restricted to the page limit) should be included.


All PVM faculty members who have been involved in research activities in the College of Veterinary Medicine shall be eligible. Recipients of the award shall be ineligible for reconsideration for the following 5 years.


The faculty member should have demonstrated research excellence as evidenced by: development and maintenance of an extramurally funded research program; number and quality of peer-reviewed publications; impact as indicated by citations; invitations to national and international meetings; invitations to review grants and manuscripts; and editorial board functions; and effectiveness in training graduate students and post-docs. The faculty member should have demonstrated sustained service to the College of Veterinary Medicine through participation in committees and meetings, and support of the College's programs in teaching, research, and engagement.

Past Recipients

  • Dr. Michael Childress (2023)
  • Dr. GuangJun Zhang (2022)
  • Dr. Marxa Figueirido (2021)
  • Dr. Timothy Bentley (2020)
  • Dr. Mohamed Seleem (2019)
  • Dr. Harm HogenEsch (2018)
  • Dr. Deborah Knapp (2017)
  • Dr. J. Paul Robinson & Dr. Suresh Mittal (2016)
  • Dr. Laurent Couëtil (2015)
  • Dr. Riyi Shi (2014)
  • Dr. Ourania Andrisani (2013)
  • Dr. Chang Kim (2012)
  • Dr. Timothy Ratliff (2011)
  • Dr. Suresh Mittal (2008)

Zoetis Award for Veterinary Research Excellence

The Zoetis Award for Veterinary Research Excellence recognizes researchers whose innovative studies advance the science of veterinary medicine.

  • The award will consist of a congratulatory letter, an egraved plaque, and a cash award of $1,000.
  • The award will be presented at a college-wide function.


Nominations are due 03/11/2024.


Email your nomination documents to the Office of Research at lane35@purdue.edu.

Please include:

  1. A nominating statement and CV (pdf format)

Nominations may come from any PVM faculty member and up to two from each department head.


  1. Current PVM faculty member.
  2. Must be principal investigator in research that shows promise of attaining national or international recognition which has been completed at Purdue University within the last three years
  3. Previous recipients of the award become eligible for consideration three years after previously receving the award.

Past Recipients

  • Dr. Kari Ekenstedt (2023)
  • Dr. Dianne Little (2022)
  • Dr. Maggie O'Haire (2021)
  • Dr. Marxa Figueiredo (2020)
  • Dr. GuangJun Zhang (2019)
  • Dr. Jean Stiles (2018)
  • Dr. Sulma Mohammed (2017)
  • Dr. Daniel Hogan (2016)
  • Dr. Mohamed Seleem (2015)
  • Dr. George Moore (2014)
  • Dr. Joanne Messick (2013)
  • Dr. Jeff Ko (2012)
  • Dr. Lynetta Freeman (2011)
  • Dr. Ramesh Vemulapalli (2010)
  • Dr. Gert Breur (2009)
  • Dr. Riyi Shi (2008)
  • Dr. Laurent Couëtil (2007)
  • Dr. Chang Kim (2006)