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We are proud of our accomplished faculty, enthusiastic students, committed staff, and world-chaning alumni, who together form a vibrant and diverse community committed to excellence in the field of veterinary medicine. Our college is renowned for its team-oriented approach that brings together bright minds, nurturing an environment where ideas are shared, and innovation is fostered.

Faculty, Staff, Students, and Alumni

Our faculty, a mix of respected educators and researchers, bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise, providing our students with a cutting-edge education that is both comprehensive and relevant.

Our dedicated staff play an integral role in our community, ensuring smooth operation and constant support for all our academic, research, and outreach programs. They are the backbone of our institution, always ready to assist and make a difference where it matters.

Our students, representing a broad spectrum of backgrounds and interests, are the heart of our institution. Driven by a shared passion for animal health and welfare, they are consistently pushing boundaries, whether in the classrooms, research labs, or in community engagement initiatives.

Our alumni carry our spirit of excellence and innovation into the world. Armed with the knowledge, skills, and values they've cultivated here, they have made remarkable strides in animal care across the globe.


The Purdue University College of Veterinary medicine is proud of the accomplishments of our faculty, staff, alumni, and students. Award programs provide an important means of showcasing the achievements of our outstanding personnel and graduates.

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Faculty and Staff Directory

Our faculty and staff directory is a comprehensive resource that provides easy access to contact information for our dedicated team members. This tool serves as a bridge connecting you to our experts, fostering open communication and facilitating collaboration within our diverse academic community.

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The Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine is steered by a leadership team. This group of experienced professionals guides the faculty and staff, setting the strategic course for our institution. They use their knowledge to integrate our core values into the university's daily life. Their leadership helps maintain our commitment to high-quality education and innovation in veterinary medicine, while creating a conducive environment for growth and collaboration.

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Explore exciting job opportunities within the Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine and our associated veterinary hospitals and diagnostic services. Here, you can discover a range of positions that will allow you to join our vibrant community and contribute to our mission of advancing animal health and welfare.

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