International Visit

Purdue Veterinary Medicine welcomes all international veterinary medical students, veterinary nursing students, faculty, or staff who are visiting as part of an established  PVM exchange program/partnership, or are visiting with the primary purpose of developing an agreement for a new collaboration. We'll assist you in planning your visit and getting you situated upon your arrival. There are a few steps that you must take in order to make your visit successful.

STEP 1: Complete International Visit Application (at least 3 months before intended start date)

STEP 2: Wait for Confirmation from the Office of Global Engagement

  • The Office of Global Engagement will contact you once we have verified your information, completed a backgroud check, confirmed that our faculty is able to host you, and recieved all necessary signatures of approval. This process can take up to 3 weeks to complete.

STEP 3: Apply for a Visa

  • The Office of Global Engagement will supply you with a letter of invitation once we have confirmed your visit. You can use this letter for verification when applying for your visa. Please email us in advance if your travel plans change at

STEP 4: Register for Housing or Explore Housing Options

  • There are several housing options for visitors to choose from. You can reserve a room in the PVM Global Engagement House or explore the other housing options within the city.
    • Reserve a room in the Global Engagement House ($150/week or $75/week) 
    • Want more options? Email:

STEP 5: Complete All Mandatory Orientation Forms

  • Complete all orientation forms on your VIA-TRM portal prior to arrival
  • Share your flight and arrival details with the Global Engagement Office