certificate recipients with Dean Reed

Global Veterinary Certificate Program

The Global Veterinary Medicine Certificate Program provides PVM students with a complete cross-cultural experience before, during, and after travelling abroad. The certificate is tailored to give students a better understanding of global veterinary medicine as well as prepare them to engage with the host community and culture. Students will gain insight on global approaches to veterinary medicine, health and safety abroad, intercultural effectiveness, opportunities abroad, and applying experiences to the job market. 

Completion Guidelines

Participants must complete the following requirements in order to receive the certificate.

  • Complete the International Veterinary Medicine Course (VM 809 for DVM and VM 409 for VN) offered every Spring
  • Participate in a PVM global engagement experience abroad!
    • Complete all mandatory pre-departure orientations before the start of travel 
    • Attend the “Reflection/Marketing Your Global Engagement Experience” workshop upon return
  • Consider becoming an IVSA Ambassador and assist the Office of Global Engagement with future events and international visitors!

Common Questions

All DVM and VN students are eligible to complete the certificate. That includes Distance Learning Veterinary Nursing (DLVN) students!

You just need to inform your advisor that you would like to take the course when you are registering for the spring semester!

We award the certificates every fall at the Global Engagment Fair. Everyone who has completed all of the requirements will receive an official certificate from the Dean.

We live in a world that is connected in many different ways, and the rise of global migration comes with a higher probability of transmitted disease, human-wildlife conflict, and food safety issues. As we’ve seen time and again, an issue in one part of the world is not always isolated and can easily become a concern for everyone. We need globally conscious veterinary professionals who can recognize the impact of global influences on human and animal health and use their knowledge and expertise to tackle these issues. It's not possible to fix a lot of these issues without effective animal health services, and that's where all of you come in!

This certificate program will set you on that path by introducing you to new global approaches to veterinary medicine, preparing you for your experience abroad, and helping you understand your role as a globally conscious veterinary professional.

Contact the Office of Global Engagement at pvmglobal@purdue.edu if you have any questions.