Coppoc One Health Lecture Series

The Coppoc One Health Lecture Series stands as a beacon of interdisciplinary education, bridging the gap between veterinary and human medicine through an annual series of thought-provoking lectures. The series underscores the interconnectedness of health across species and the global impact of such a holistic view.

Over the years, the Coppoc One Health Lecture Series has hosted a remarkable roster of experts on topics such as vaccine acceptance and its implications for public health, immune responses crucial for COVID-19 vaccine development, and antimicrobials used in food animals.

Each lecture not only advances academic and professional discourse but also honors the legacy of Dr. Gordon Coppoc and his wife, Harriet, by fostering an environment of learning that transcends disciplinary boundaries. This series not only commemorates their contributions but also propels forward the mission of One Health, emphasizing collaborative efforts to understand and manage health challenges in our interconnected world.

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