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Purdue One Health Club

Our organization is dedicated to advancing the One Health approach by uniting veterinarians, physicians, environmental scientists, and other health professionals in order to address the complex problems that occur at the junction of our fields of expertise. This integrated approach to health allows us to improve the well-being of animals, people, and the environment simultaneously.

Our club focuses on providing timely lectures, wet labs, and opportunities for community outreach.  

Club Officers

  • President - Maggie Orm '26
  • President Elect - TBD
  • Secretary - Allyson Jones '25
  • Treasurer -  Jenifer Goldberg '25
  • Public Relations and Fundraising Chair - Mary Nowak '25
  • Faculty Advisor - Dr. Malathi Raghavan

Past Events

  • One Health and Antimicrobial Stewardship in the Swine Industry – Dr. Heather Fowler
  • Disaster Response in the Veterinary Curriculum – Dr. Lane Wallett
  • Antimicrobial Resistance and Environmental Impact – Dr. Tim Johnson
  • World Rabies Day – Dr. Audrey Ruple
  • Environmental Toxins and One Health – Dr. Jennifer Freeman
  • One Health Week Coppoc Lecture Speaker – Dr. Raina Plowright
  • Antimicrobial Stewardship – Dr. Katie KuKanich
  • Antibiotic Resistance Panel – Robert Bill, DVM, Carolyn F Guptill-Yoran, DVM, Mohamed Seleem, DVM; Sarah Sayger, MD; Michael B. Kays, Pharm.D., FCCP
  • Toxoplasmosis – Dr. Lynn Guptill
  • The Science Behind the Human Animal Bond – Dr. Maggie O’Haire
  • Lyme Disease – Dr. George Moore
  • Q Fever – Dr. Amy Bauer
  • Avian Influenza – Dr. Lossie
  • Military Working Dogs – Dr. George Moore
  • Veterinary Pharmaceuticals in the Environment – Dr. Maria Sepulveda
  • Comparative Canine Cancer Research – Dr. Deborah Knapp
  • USDA Careers and Externships – Dr. Linda Detwiler
  • Seoul Virus – Dr. Jen Brown
  • Disaster/Emergency Response – Dr. Sandi Norman
  • Commercial Dog Breeding Regulations and Welfare - Dr. Jodi Lovejoy
  • Chronic Wasting Disease – Dr. Shelly Chavis
  • International Rabies - Dr. Samuel Yingst
  • Agroterrorism - Dr. Maria Cooper
  • Scrapie Testing Wet Lab – Dr. Linda Detwiler
  • Avian Influenza and Chicken Necropsy Wet Lab – Dr. Linda Detwiler
  • Commercial Dog Breeding Facilities Tour – Dr. Jodi Lovejoy and Dr. Kyle Shipman