The Veterinary Student Resource Center (VSRC) is a student-led tutoring group that helps 1st and 2nd year veterinary students.

We host group reviews and send out self-study test reviews.

Please visit our VSRC link on blackboard for more information.

Services Provided

  • Group tutoring
  • Test reviews
  • One-on-one tutoring, on request
  • Updated, centralized test file
  • Study guides

Co-Managers: Natalie Brejcha and Hannah Wedig


1st Year

  • SA Anatomy: Madeline Milburn
  • LA Anatomy: Kiara Nobbe
  • Physiology: Caitlyn Gunther and Eve Neumann
  • Histology: Maria Ximena Yanez Diaz
  • A&I: Madeleine Nunn
  • Neurology: Marissa Ramon
  • Foundations/Immunology: Emily Zollars

2nd Year

  • Pathology: Julia Crowe and Krysten Schmidt
  • Parasitology/Virology: Jessy Harris-Forkner
  • Hematology/Clinical Chemistry: Danielle Darling
  • Pharmacology: Holly Schoon

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kathy Salisbury, Departments of Veterinary Administration and Veterinary Clinical Sciences