Class Representatives

Class representatives consist of three students from each class to serve as a liaison between their specific class and the staff/faculty in the college. They also help plan class-wide activities and initiatives.

  • DVM Class of 2024: Andy Pietraniec, Alaunie Smiley, and Erica Hesters
  • DVM Class of 2025: Megan Colborn, Sarah Giglio, and Cameron Vaughn
  • DVM Class of 2026: Adrian Dixon, Paige Kinzie, and Victoria Potter
  • DVM Class of 2027Collin Edwards, Lexi Giddens, and Fiona Ridenour

Being a class representative has allowed me to help my classmates with any concerns they need brought up to instructors and faculty. The biggest highlight of serving has been advocating for improvements and helping institute changes that make a difference.

Wyatt Sommer

Class of 2023

Curriculum Committee

Curriculum committee representatives are students elected from each DVM class to allow for open communication of student needs within the larger faculty run curriculum committee. Representatives work with faculty to review curriculum policies and implement functional changes for the future of DVM students at Purdue. These positions allow students to take active roles in improving the quality and progression of Purdue's dynamic curriculum. 

Curriculum Committee Representatives

  • DVM Class of 2024: Katie Buatois and Kathryn Wolfert
  • DVM Class of 2025: Alex Meyer and Devon Anderson
  • DVM Class of 2026: Audrey Evans and Paige Kinzie
  • DVM Class of 2027: Logan DeSchepper and Emma Zaicow

Grade Appeals Representatives

Being a Grade Appeals Representative allows students to serve their PVM family and get to know faculty here at the school. They value this position as it provides a way to practice being an impartial judge to various aspects of the curriculum.

Biological Resources Representatives

The biological resource representatives are responsible for coordinating between the library and PVM to make sure that the resources provided by the library are helpful and complete. They meet with the biological resource committee once a year and also pass along requests and comments to the appropriate people as the representatives receive them.

Wellness Committee

Wellness Committee representatives are students elected by their classmates to serve in a role to make sure that wellness is a priority here at PVM. Some of their job duties involve:

  • Organize and schedule meetings/lunch and learns
  • Meet with faculty and staff once a month to discuss wellness issues and topics
  • Organize and schedule individual class activities
  • Organize and schedule school-wide activities
  • Meet with other class representatives to discuss/plan wellness topics and activities

Wellness Committee Representatives

  • DVM Class of 2024: Taylor Pfeifer and Kendall Floto
  • DVM Class of 2025: Sydney Gehlhausen and Elisa Ortiz
  • DVM Class of 2026: Lisa Hoard and Jaelyn Lewis
  • DVM Class of 2027: Kat Angeles and Erin Ison


Representatives work with faculty to arrange NAVLE (North American Veterinary Licensing Exam) review sessions for 4th-year students.