About One Health

While cancer and antimicrobial resistance pose health threats to people and animals, global issues like population expansion, urban sprawl, and climate change play a key role in the emergence and spread of zoonotic (that are shared between animals and people) and vector borne (spread by insects) diseases.

Because the health of human beings is interdependent on the health of animals and the ecosystem, an integrated approach that considers not just human but also animal and environmental health is the best, and sometimes only solution to solve complex health problems on this planet. One health is a collaborative effort of people from multiple disciplines working at local, national, and global scale to achieve optimal and sustainable health for humans, animals and the ecosystem.

Research in the Purdue College of Veterinary Medicine embraces this concept in all its endeavors from developing better medicines and vaccines for infectious diseases, fighting cancer, and improving health outcomes in musculoskeletal and neurologic diseases, to promoting animal welfare and mental health through the human-animal bond.

Our Focus Areas

At the intersection of human, animal, and environmental health, our One Health focus areas delve into the intricate balance that sustains life on our planet. From understanding the nuances of antimicrobial resistance and comparative oncology to exploring the depths of environmental health and zoonoses, we are committed to pioneering solutions for the most pressing health challenges of our time.

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Dual Degree Option

At Purdue University's College of Veterinary Medicine, we proudly offer an integrated Veterinary Public Health DVM/MPH Combined Degree Program in collaboration with the University of Minnesota's School of Public Health. This innovative dual-degree pathway allows students to concurrently pursue both degrees, leveraging coursework and experiences from both esteemed institutions, culminating in a comprehensive understanding of One Health principles upon graduation.

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In Our Curriculum

At the heart of our curriculum, we embed the OneHealth philosophy through courses such as CPB 86900 Veterinary Public Health and Zoonoses, which delves deeply into the nexus of animal and human health, food safety, and environmental interactions. Further enriching this holistic approach, our CPB 88300 Public Health Clinical Rotation offers hands-on interactions with public health agencies, emphasizing the pivotal role veterinarians play in disease control, community outreach, and global health considerations.

One Health Club

At Purdue, we champion the One Health philosophy not only in our academic offerings but also through our vibrant Purdue One Health Club. This dedicated organization brings together students across various disciplines, from veterinary science to environmental studies, offering enriching lectures, hands-on labs, and community outreach opportunities, all geared towards fostering an integrated approach to global health and well-being.

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One Health Resources

Discover the pillars of the One Health movement through a range of dedicated organizations. Each offers unique insights and resources to further deepen your understanding and involvement in this global initiative.