Committed to excellence through diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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In the DC Universe, metahumans are human beings who get superpowers after a dormant metagene is activated during a time of extreme physiological stress. Similarly, when VetaHumanz overcome extraordinary challenges of veterinary college, practice, and life, vetagenes are activated, and superpowers are expressed. Committed to excellence through diversity, equity, and inclusion, VetaHumanz wield their superpowers to prevent threats to animal and public health across the globe. The League of VetaHumanz was founded to provide human beings containing the vetagene, the support to fully develop their superpowers.

Use Your Powers for Good,

Founder and Leader, League of VetaHumanz

We Are Changing The Narrative!

  • Life’s challenges gift you Superpowers! What powers did you get?
  • Sharing our whole stories-not just highlight reels
  • Capes On! Helping each other succeed!

Our Vision

  • A diverse, inclusive, unified veterinary profession supporting each other, and future VetaHumanz, in protecting animal and public health. #SeeUs #BeUs

Our Mission

  • The League of VetaHumanz is an alliance of veterinary superheroes in academia, practice, research, government, and industry who are committed to engaging with under-resourced communities to provide access and support for youth who aspire to careers in the veterinary profession.

Our Actions

  • VetaHumanz communicate the positive impact of veterinary medical research on public health and animal health, while facilitating career exploration and experiential learning. Teams of certified role models partner with community organizations and schools to deliver veterinary lessons to under-resourced children. VetaHumanz share their journeys on our website. The VetaHumanz Live! podcast features veterinary medical students, veterinarians, and allied superheroes. #BeUs
  • VetaHumanz create and deliver self-guided educational veterinary STEM experiences (SuperPower Packs) for children that provide diverse and relatable veterinary role models. Thousands of SuperPower Packs have been distributed to date! #SeeUs
    • VetaHumanz are committed to improving health literacy and reducing health disparities in people and their animals. #UseYourPowersForGood

Help Us Grow

VetaHumanz initiatives you can support

  • Production of SuperPower Packs (veterinary STEM resources and role model collectible cards) for global distribution to under-resourced kids.
  • The Cape Fund (Supporting the Drip)
    • VetaHumanz in Training (veterinary medical students) across the globe who are certified and have been serving as role models through the This Is How We “Role” program will receive capes upon graduation from veterinary college to signify their transition to VetaHumanz, and will receive vet lessons to launch How We “Role” programs in their communities. 


Pink Phoenix

Dr. Sandra San Miguel, DVM, PhD, DABVP (Emeritus)

Founder and Leader, League of VetaHumanz

What is the League of VetaHumanz?

Great question! The League of VetaHumanz is a superhero league for veterinarians. VetaHumanz serve as role models for children. VetaHumanz want everyone to feel like they belong in the veterinary profession. Our veterinary superheroes have all different kinds of jobs including:

  • Taking care of people’s pets
  • Taking care of farm animals
  • Protecting and caring for wild animals
  • Teaching
  • Inventing new medicines or vaccines to keep people and their animals healthy
  • Protecting people and their animals from disease outbreaks
  • Keeping our food safe

Is veterinary medicine for you? 

Do you like people, animals, science, and math? Are you considering a career as a veterinarian? Do you want to help your child become a veterinarian?

VetaHumanz want to be sure that everyone can find a relatable veterinary role model. VetaHumanz want to support everyone’s journey to becoming a veterinarian. VetaHumanz are dedicated to your success!

Find a Veterinary Role Model

Explore the stories of our virtual role models. You can learn about:

  • What do veterinarians do?
  • What inspires people to be veterinarians?
  • What does a typical day in the life of a veterinarian look like? (Spoiler Alert! There are no typical days.)
  • Why being a veterinarian is AWESOME! 

Learn even more by listening to our superhero podcasts.

Meet a Role Model In Person!

Some VetaHumanz role models deliver in-person vet lessons for under-resourced children. The League partners with community organizations and schools that support under-resourced communities.

Check out our list of partners to see if there is a team near you!

Learn Online

No worries if there isn’t a team in your location! We have you covered! Visit the Get Your SuperPowers section where you can:

  • Download fun veterinary STEM games for kids from our SuperPower Packs
  • Take online veterinary STEM lessons for kids
  • Read our children’s books 
  • Stay healthy while you learn with our Beast Moves Fitness Exercise videos 


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