VSMR (Veterinary Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation)

Veterinary sports medicine and rehabilitation (VSMR) is a growing field within veterinary medicine. VSMR meets the needs of all animals, whether working, performance, or pet.

According to the American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation “rehabilitation (the term used for people is "physical therapy") not only focuses on recovery after surgical procedures, but also on improving the quality of life in animals suffering from debilitating diseases such as arthritis or neurologic impairments."

Our club’s mission is to provide educational learning, resources, and opportunities in the field of veterinary sports medicine and rehabilitation beyond the scope of the DVM curriculum. Our club activities will include both lectures and hands-on opportunities to learn about different VSMR modalities such as: massage, chiropractic, therapy laser, acupuncture, etc. We also have lectures to discuss how to incorporate VSMR into a practice and the different certifications available. Veterinary nursing students are welcome and encouraged to join as well!

VSMR can benefit all animals, whether you are helping them recover from surgery, trying to prevent an injury, or just wanting to increase their quality of life. If you think that these skills are something you want to be able to bring for your patients and future employers, then consider joining our club!

VSMR Officers

  • President - Amelia Foreman '26
  • President-Elect - TBD
  • Secretary - Emma Nikolai '26
  • Treasurer - Korrine Tate '26
  • Tresasurer-Elect - TBD
  • Faculty Advisor - Dr. Stephanie Thomovsky