SVECCS (Emergency Critical Care Society)

Do you want to learn how to perform CPR on a dog? How about place a tracheotomy tube on a cat? Do you like to hear about exciting emergency cases currently happening in the hospital? If so, the Student Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society may be the perfect club for you!

At SVECCS, our mission is to promote the education and involvement of veterinary students in all aspects of emergency and critical care medicine. 

We are an interactive club geared toward those students interested in the possibility of one day working in emergency medicine!

We aim to educate our members about some of the commonly seen emergencies in small and large animal practice as well as the differences in the life of an emergency vet.

We offer monthly meetings with esteemed speakers as well as other hands-on opportunities.

We offer a CPR wet lab in the fall an in the spring, a procedures wet lab where members practice common small animal emergency skills such as placing chest and tracheotomy tubes, urinary catheterization and much more!

If you enjoy the fast paced world of emergency animal medicine, have an interest in learning more about emergency medicine, and want the opportunity to get some hands-on experience, then SVECCS is the club for you! 

SVECCS Officers

  • President - Megan Colborn '25
  • President-Elect - Aaron Seymour '26
  • ICU Round Coordinator - Alejandra Ortiz Perez '26
  • Treasurer - Tess Patterson '26
  • Fundraising Chair - Jesus Hernandez '26
  • Communication Chair - Shelby Boschma '25
  • Faculty Advisor - Dr. Angie Andrea Rincon, Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences