Pre-Veterinary Club

Purdue Pre-Veterinary Medical Association (PPVMA) is an undergraduate club that educates students about the veterinary medicine profession.

Veterinarians come and speak at meetings to show members all of the different carrers within veterinary medicine.

Students also learn about what it takes to get into veterinary school from the admissions committee at Purdue's College of Veterinary Medicine.

Members can participate in a variety of wet labs and travel to an annual Pre-veterinary Symposium held at a veterinary college.

Club Officers

  • President - Rachel Dunlap
  • Vice President - Paige Jones
  • Treasurer - Chris OToole
  • Secretary - Chloe Fletcher
  • Co-Social Chairs - Jacalyn Blake and Zachary Tuza
  • Co-Fundraising Chairs - Lillian Andis and Bri Gast
  • PR Chair - Matthew Johnson
  • Symposium Chair - Alyson Galey
  • Webmaster/Historian - Evy Tobolski
  • DEI Chair - Shreya Gandham
  • Faculty Advisor - Dr. Darryl Ragland, Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences