Recommended Spring Vaccinations When It's Cold Outside

Core Vaccinations

  • Respiratory Transmission: Influenza, Rhinopneumonitis (Herpes) – Booster 1-2 times annually in spring/fall
  • Mosquito/Fly Transmission: Eastern & Western Encephalitis, West Nile Virus – Booster once annually in spring
  • Environmental Transmission: Rabies, Tetanus – Booster once annually in spring

Risk-based Vaccinations

  • Respiratory Transmission: Strangles – Booster 1-2 times annually in spring/fall
  • Environmental Transmission: Potomac Horse Fever – Booster once annually in spring

Intestinal Parasites and Deworming

Gone are the days when we just deworm horses on some sort of schedule. Resistance is high, parasites are getting "tougher", and no new dewormers exist.

Submit a single fecal ball in the spring for a Fecal Egg Count, which will help us guide you in choosing the correct dewormer and how often you should give it. Barn owners should require an annual to biannual fecal egg count on every horse in the barn.

Coggins Testing and Equine Infectious Anemia

Every year, every horse. This test ensures your horses (and all the horses around your horse) are free from this devastating disease. It is required for many shows and for crossing state lines.

Barn owners, again, this should be required annually for every horse in the barn.

It can be difficult to know exactly what your horse needs. We recognize there are many different situations and there isn't a "cookie cutter" plan for all horses. Please talk to us this spring to make sure we get you and your horse what they need to stay healthy and safe, within your budget.