About DARE

The Dos Santos Arrhythmia Research Endeavor (DARE) is a dedicated research group specializing in veterinary cardiology and arrhythmia research. Committed to advancing the understanding and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias in animals, DARE conducts rigorous scientific investigations in the field of veterinary cardiology.

Our Mission and Approach

DARE focuses on companion animals and their relevance to similar human diseases.

Our mission is to enhance the well-being and longevity of our animal companions.

Our goal is to uncover fresh insights into arrhythmia mechanisms, leading to innovative diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for veterinary patients.

Simultaneously, our efforts contribute to enhancing medical knowledge in human cardiology.

Exploring Cardiac Biomarkers

We delve into biomarkers for cardiac diseases and tumors, aiming to identify dependable indicators for early detection, prognosis, and treatment response assessment. Through collaboration with veterinary clinicians, scientists, and industry partners, DARE strives to translate research into practical applications, ultimately improving animal cardiac health.

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Advancing Veterinary Cardiology

With a multidisciplinary team and access to cutting-edge technologies, DARE stands at the forefront of veterinary cardiology research.