DARE Lab Facilities

The Purdue University VeterinaryHospital provides robust support for the cardiovascular medicine service, including MRI, CT-angiography, nuclear imaging, and critical care assistance. These facilities establish a strong foundation for comprehensive cardiac care.

Our well-equipped service covers independent echocardiography (2-D, Doppler, tissue velocity imaging), as well as pacemaker programming and stimulator capabilities from St. Jude and Medtronic.

Within our dedicated invasive cardiovascular medicine facility, spanning 340 square feet, we house modern digital C-arm fluoroscopy, a motorized C-arm table, power injector, 16-channel digital biological analytical system, and cardiac output computers. This space serves as a central hub for various procedures, such as angiocardiography, congenital disease procedures, vascular anomalies, peripheral vascular work, and multiple research projects.

Additionally, we've recently integrated the EnSite Precision™ Cardiac Mapping System. This system offers advanced mapping, boasting high levels of automation, flexibility, and precision. It's designed to aid in diagnosing a wide spectrum of arrhythmias, further enhancing our capabilities in the field.