Jianming Li

Research Assistant Professor (CPR)

Department of Basic Medical Sciences

Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine
625 Harrison Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907

Phone: 765.496.2903
Email: jianming@purdue.edu

Jianming Li Laboratory of Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering


2009 - PhD | Purdue University
2002 - BSE | University of Michigan-Dearborn


2012 - | Assistant Research Professor, Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine
2011 - | Director of Operations, Advanced BioImaging Systems
2011 - | Postdoctoral Fellow, Purdue University
2010 - | Chief Scientific Officer, co-Founder of Medtric, LLC
2009 - 2011 | Postdoctoral Researcher, Purdue University
2007 - | National Science Foundation GK-12
2005 - 2007 | Purdue University Research Fellow
2003 - 2005 | National Science Foundation IGERT Fellow

Selected Publications

– Li J. Weak direct current (DC) electric fields as a therapy for spinal cord injury: Review and advancement of the oscillating field stimulator (OFS). Neurosurgical Review 2019.

– Li J, Gao W. Fabrication and characterization of 3D microtubular collagen scaffolds for peripheral nerve repair. J Biomater Appl. 2018;33(4):541-552.

– Chen B, Li J, Borgens RB. Neuroprotection by chitosan nanoparticles in oxidative stress-mediated injury. BMC Res Notes. 2018 Jan 19;11(1):49.

– Li J. Biomaterial and Cell Interactions - the foreign body response as an obstacle in nanomedicine. J. Nanomedicine Res. 2017; 5(6).

– Li J, Chang JW, Saenger M, Deering A. Thymol nanoemulsions formed via spontaneous emulsification: physical and antimicrobial properties. Food Chem. 2017;232:191-197

– Gao W, Li J. Targeted siRNAs Delivery Reduces Nitric Oxide Mediated Cell Death After Spinal Cord Injury. J. Nanobiotechnology. 2017;15(1):38.

– Gillespie CH, Hawkins JF, Li J, Connell S, Miller M, Saenger M, Freeman L. Effects of topical application of silver sulfadiazine cream, triple antimicrobial ointment, or hyperosmolar nanoemulsion on wound healing, bacterial load, and exuberant granulation tissue formation in bandaged full-thickness equine skin wounds. Am J Vet Res. 2017;78(5):638-646.

– Li J, Chang JW, Saenger M, Deering A. Thymol nanoemulsions formed via spontaneous emulsification: physical and antimicrobial properties. Food Chem. 2017;232:191-197.

– Connell S, Li J, Durkes A, and Freeman L.Application of hyperosmotic nanoemulsions in wound healing: partial thickness injury model in swine. Advances in Wound Care. 2017;6(5).

– Connell S, Li J, Durkes A, Zaroura M, Shi R. Nondermal irritating hyperosmotic nanoemulsions reduce treatment times in a contamination model of wound healing.Wound Repair Regen.2016;24(4):669-78.

– Gao W, Li J, Cirillo J, Borgens R, Cho Y. Action at a distance: functional drug delivery using electromagnetic-field-responsive polypyrrole nanowires. Langmuir. 2014; 8;30(26):7778-88

– SongA, Lin F, Li J, Liao Q, Liu E, Jiang X, DengL. Bisulfiteand sulfite as derivatives of sulfur dioxide alters biomechanical behaviors of airway smooth muscle cells in culture. Inhal Toxicol.2014;26(3):166-74

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– Dyehouse M, Detwiler J, Li J, Harbor J, Bennet D. Practical ways to assess and change your student’s perceptions of scientists. Science Scope, summer 2010

– Ouyang H, Sun W, Fu Y, Li J, Cheng JX, Nauman E, Shi R. Compression induces acute demyelination and potassium channel exposure in spinal cord. J. Neurotrauma; 2010; 27(6):1109-20

– Li J, Rickett, T, Shi R. Biomimetic nerve scaffolds with aligned intraluminal microchannels: a sweet approach to tissue engineering. Langmuir. 2009; 25(3): 1813-7

– Ouyang H, Galle B, Li J, Nauman E, Shi R. Critical roles of decompression in functional recovery of ex vivospinal cord white matter. J. Neurosurgery: Spine. 2009; 10(2): 161-170

– Li J, Rickett T, Shi R. A Review of Peripheral Nervous System Regeneration: Current Progress and Future Trends. Proceedings of the 5thSymposium for Chinese Neuroscientists Worldwide 2008

– Rickett T, Li J, Patel M, Sun W, Leung G, Shi R. Acute toxicity and bond strength of ethyl-cyanoacrylate in anastomosis of peripheral nerves. J. Biomat Res. Part A.2009; 90(3):750-4.

– Li J, Shi R, McNally H. Enhanced neurite alignment on micro-patterned poly-l-lactic acid films. J. Biomat Res. Part A. 2008; 87(2): 392-404

– Ouyang H, Galle B, Li J, Nauman E, Shi R. Biomechanics of spinal cord injury: a multimodal investigation using ex vivoguinea pig spinal cord white matter. J. Neurotrauma. 2008; 25(1): 19-29

– Li J, Shi R. Fabrication of patterned multi-walled poly-l-lactic acid conduits for nerve regeneration. J. Neurosci Methods. 2007; 165(2): 257-64

– Li J, Shi R. Stretch induced nerve conduction deficits in guinea pig ex-vivo nerve. J. Biomech. 2007; 40(3): 569-78

– Li J, Shi R. A device for the electrophysiological recording of peripheral nerves in response to stretch. J. Neurosci Methods. 2006; 154(1-2): 102-8

– Li J, Connell S, Shi R. “Engineering biomimetic architectures for tissue engineering.” Biomimetics: Learning from Nature. Inteh, 2010

– Li J, Shi R. “Control of cell adhesion and guiding neural cell outgrowth with peptide-conjugated polymer structures.” Biologically Responsive Hybrid Biomaterials. Artech House, 2009

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