Histology Policies, Fees, and Frequently Asked Questions


Policies - The Policies of the Histology Research Laboratory detail confidentiality, conflict resolution, cost recovery and payment, prioritization of work and publication rules.

Scheduling – Scheduling of a study will be done on a first come first serve basis. Please contact the Lab manager (Histology@purdue.edu) to schedule your project.

Confidentiality – Confidentiality of studies conducted in the Histology Research Laboratory is assured by University Policies and confidentiality agreements with Purdue University.

Publications – In publications that describe research that was facilitated by the Histology Research Laboratory, authors are requested to include a statement acknowledging the use of the Histology Research Laboratory: “The author(s) acknowledge the assistance of the Purdue University Histology Research Laboratory, a core facility of the NIH-funded Indiana Clinical and Translational Science Institute.”

Fees and Billing

Histology Research Laboratory fees

Histology Services

Internal User Charge


$5.32 (internal)
$8.56 (external)


$7.00 (internal)
$11.30 (external)


$3.30 (internal)
$5.15 (external)

Frozen Block Mounting

$1.15 (internal)
$1.81 (external)

1st H&E

$6.00 (internal)
$11.76 (external)

Add. H&E

$5.00 (internal)
$8.15 (external)

Microtomy-1st Unstained

$5.75 (internal)
$9.47 (external)

Microtomy Add. Unstained

$4.00 (internal)
$6.28 (external)

Tier 1 Special Stains

$6.00 (internal)
$9.42 (external)

Tier 2 Special Stains

$11.00 (internal)
$17.27 (external)

Tier 3 Special Stain

$16.00 (internal)
$25.12 (external)

Immunohistochemistry-Single Stain

$20.00 (internal)
$32.59 (external)

Immunohistochemistry-Dual Stain

$28.00 (internal)
$43.96 (external)

Antibody Optimization

$150.00 (internal)
$254.91 (external)

Technovit P/E - Small Speciman

$40.00 (internal)
$62.39 (external)

Technovit P/E - Large Specimen

$63.50 (internal)
$99.60 (external)


$28.00 (internal)
$43.77 (external)

Add. Small Thick Section

$77.00 (internal)
$120.81 (external)

Add. Large Thick Section

$130.00 (internal)
$203.97 (external)

Plastic Thin Section

$26.00 (internal)
$40.82 (external)

Add. Thin Section

$10.00 (internal)
$15.70 (external)

H&E - Plastic Thin Section

$4.10 (internal)
$6.44 (external)

20x Slide Digitization

$18.50 (internal)
$29.05 (external)

40x Slide Digitization

$22.50 (internal)
$35.33 (external)

60x Slide Digitization

$25.50 (internal)
$40.04 (external)

Technician Labor

$60.00 (internal)
$94.20 (external)

Rodent Necropsy Room

$15.00 (internal)
$23.25 (external)

Billing - Monthly billing statements are provided by the Purdue University Business Offices.

Frequently asked questions

What is the turnaround time for routine paraffin embedding, sectioning and staining? The turnaround time for most routine histology services is about one week or less. However, larger orders and orders requiring more elaborate methods may take longer.

Does the Histology Research Laboratory custom develop new techniques? Most new techniques in the Histology Laboratory are developed when a need arises and are mostly done in collaboration with the investigator requesting the new technique.

Does the Histology Research Laboratory have a biospecimen storage service? The Histology Laboratory does not have a biospecimen storage service and investigators are asked to take remaining fixed or unfixed tissue samples back to their laboratory.

Does the Histology Research Laboratory offer slide review services? Abigail Cox, DVM, DACVP (adcox@purdue.edu) and Sanjeev Narayanan, BVSc, PhD (sanjeev@purdue.edu), both board-certified veterinary pathologists in the Department of Comparative Pathobiology, are available for consultation and collaboration.

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