Centers for the Human-Animal Bond Conference

The Centers for the Human-Animal Bond (CHAB) conference provides a critical opportunity to bring together a diverse set of national and international academic Human-Animal Interaction centers and institutes. The conference serves as a platform for interdisciplinary conversation with opportunities for the exchange and discussion of new ideas for future research in regards to animal-assisted interventions and additional dimensions of the human-animal bond.

Centers for the Human-Animal Bond Conference: Highlights and future directions

The 2021 CHAB conference resulted in a special issue in peer-reviewed journal, Human-Animal Interactions. The special issue contains 9 articles with themes including:  (1) human-animal interaction centers and institutes around the world: a 2021 overview, (2) expanding HAI content in higher education, (3) international collaboration for uniform terminology and professional development for animal-assisted interventions and interactions, (4) complexities and considerations in conducting human-animal interaction research, (5) exploring diversity, equity, and inclusion perceptions in the field of human-animal interaction, (6) researcher-practitioner interaction, (7) ensuring animal well-being in animal-assisted education programs, (8) evolutionary perspectives on the human-animal bond, and (9) theoretical basis for research on pet and owners’ mental health.

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The first CHAB conference was hosted in 2006 and in 2016 a 10-year follow-up conference continued the conversation. Both of these previous conferences resulted in special issues in peer-reviewed journals (2008 in JVME and 2018 in HAIB). Periodic and structured dialogue and coordination by these multi-disciplinary and geographically diverse human-animal interaction centers are critical to accelerating the advancement of the field of human-animal interaction and collaboration across disciplines. The advancement of the field will lead to further understanding regarding the physiological, psychological, and cultural implications of the human-animal bond.

Conference Sessions

If you were unable to attend, you can watch the conference sessions on YouTube.


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The conference is also supported by the Purdue College of Veterinary Medicine Center for the Human-Animal Bond and Purdue University Office of the Provost.