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Poster Printing

One of the many support services offered by PVMIT is large format poster printing. 

Large Format Poster Printer

Poster Printing Service Policy & Guidelines

In order to provide a quality service, PVMIT requests that posters meet the following requirements and guidelines that have been approved by the Strategic Governance Committee (SGC) on 9/14/2018.

Appropriate Use

The PVMIT Poster Printing Service is provided free of charge and is reserved for Purdue Veterinary Medicine (PVM) faculty, staff, and students as required by college-level functions, directly supporting its research, teaching, and engagement missions.

Standard Templates

Poster design templates will be provided to the student by their responsible Principal Investigator (PI) or faculty member (see PI/Faculty Role below). Many templates may be provided by the event at which the poster is being presented.

All poster templates must follow University and PVM branding and ADA standards. Please check the Branding and ADA Guidelines on the PVM Intranet.

Student Role

  • Poster creation and template branding and ADA compliance
  • Notification of poster request
  • Delivery of file to PVMIT
  • Printed poster pick-up


  • Printing of poster
  • Informing submitter when complete

Principal Investigator/Faculty Role

  • Template design oversight with consideration for design content, presentation quality, and printing cost.
  • Printing cost to the College can be minimized by:
    • using color sparingly to highlight areas of title and images
    • using lighter colors
    • maintaining white backgrounds
    • not using colored backgrounds or color-filled boxes


  • Student research posters must credit at least one member of the PVM faculty.
  • Limit of one poster printed per student per session. Proof carefully. Further edits of the same poster cannot be reprinted without a written request from the responsible PI or faculty member.
  • Standard poster sizes must fit 36” or 42” paper with   one dimension.
  • Posters may be submitted in either PDF or PowerPoint format.
  • Use approved templates.
    • Follow all Branding and ADA Guidelines
    • Editing template size may alter aspect ratio of logos, ensure the effects are minimized or corrected if skewed.
  • Scheduling
    • Plan for a minimum of 72-hour turn-around time (3 business days).
    • High volume times such as PVM Research Day require a full week.
    • Posters are printed in the order they are received.
  • Send notification emails to PVMIT ( and include:
    • Method of delivery
    • Contact number
    • Date needed
    • Purpose of poster (e.g. PVM Research Day, Phi Zeta, class assignment, conference, etc.)
  • Deliver to PVMIT
    • Electronically: Upload to PVMIT's BOX folder
    • In-Person: Copy your file onto a flash drive and bring it to LYNN G193A.

Service Hours

Monday–Friday from 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. (excluding University holidays or closures)
Appointment preferred

*Note: Posters not meeting the preceding guidelines will be returned for revision. A copy of these guidelines will be provided upon request.