Small Animal Hospital

The Purdue University Veterinary Pharmacy fills medication prescriptions and refills for patients from the Small Animal Hospital.

The Purdue University Veterinary Pharmacy fills medication orders for patients of the Purdue Unviersity Veterinary Hospital during their visit. The Pharmacy also fills prescriptions that are to be sent home with patients after their hospital visit.


Refills can be requested by phone. It is best if we are given 24 hours notice. Prescriptions can be shipped via FedEx or UPS. Compounded prescriptions (customized) can be filled by the Purdue Veterinary Pharmacy upon request of the Purdue University Veterinary Hospital veterinarian.

The Purdue Veterinary Pharmacy can only fill prescriptions written by Purdue staff veterinarians. Refills for prescriptions of “human medicine used in veterinary cases” can be transferred to a local pharmacy if it is more convenient for the client. The client should give their local pharmacy our contact information and the prescription number and ask the local pharmacy to call for the transfer information.


Questions or information regarding medication(s) dispensed to a patient can be obtained by contacting the Hospital Pharmacy or the Hospital veterinarian.

Contact the Pharmacy

Call or Text: 765-494-1107
Fax: 765-496-6393
24/7 Emergency Phone: 765-494-1107

Purdue University Small Animal hospital
Lynn Hall
625 Harrison St
West Lafayette, IN 47907

Wasson Veterinary Pharmacy Residency

The Purdue University Wasson Veterinary Pharmacy Residency is a unique opportunity for pharmacists to gain experience working with both veterinarians and pharmacists to build a knowledge base in veterinary pharmacy that opens up exciting new career opportunities. The Wasson Veterinary Pharmacy Residency is the first program in the country that houses both colleges of veterinary medicine and pharmacy on the same campus, allowing participants to draw experiences and learning from both to advance veterinary pharmacy.

Learn more about the Wasson Veterinary Pharmacy Residency program

**Applications are being accepted for the June 2024 to June 2025 residency program. Deadline for applications is 12/31/2023.**