Small Animal Hospital

The Purdue Oncology services care for dogs and cats with any cancer.

The Oncology staff consists of veterinarians who are board-certified in medical and radiation, oncology residents in training, and veterinary nurses who specialize in oncology nursing. Please call 765-494-1107 to make an appointment.  

New appointments should include a referral from your veterinarian, or our Small Animal Primary Care team.




Medical Oncology

The Medical Oncology service cares for dogs and cats with any cancer. There is a special interest in the management of canine urinary bladder cancer and canine lymphoma.

Learn more about our Medical Oncology Service.

Radiation Oncology

The Radiation Oncology service offers radiation therapy that plays a beneficial role in the treatment of many types of solid tumors and is a treatment option for many cancer patients.

Learn more about our Radiation Oncology Service.

Cancer Research

Click here for more information on Oncology from the Evan and Sue Ann Werling Comparative Oncology Research Center (WCORC).

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