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3/29/2024:  Scholars in the Spotlight: Keynote Presentation by Dr. Riyi Shi

CPR Director Dr. Riyi Shi will be presenting the keynote "Tracing the Link between Concussion and Alzheimer's Disease: Miniature Brains for Big Problems" for the Center on Aging and the Life Course (CALC) Scholars in the Spotlight event on March 29, 2024 in STEW 279 and via Zoom. If you're interested in attending, please click here to RSVP by March 15!

1/24/2024:  Spring 2024 Seminar for Neurotrauma and Diseases

The Spring 2024 Seminar for Neurotrauma and Diseases, sponsored by Plexon, will be returning on February 7th in DLR 131 at 4pm for a mostly in-person semester! Check out our Seminars page for more details; speaker names, talk titles, and locations will be announced shortly as soon as all of the information is finalized. We look forward to seeing you all soon!

9/6/2023: Fall 2023 Seminar for Neurotrauma and Diseases

The Fall 2023 Seminar for Neurotrauma and Diseases, sponsored by Plexon, will be returning on September 6th at 4pm in DLR 131! This semester will be entirely in-person, but we'll be maintaining our hybrid option for those who can't attend in-person. Check out our Seminars page for more details, including speaker names, talk titles, and the link for the online presentation.

8/29/2023: TBI-on-a-Chip

CPR's "TBI-on-a-chip" study was featured in a Purdue University press release accompanying the publication of our paper "The contribution of initial concussive forces and resulting acrolein surge to β-amyloid accumulation and functional alterations in neuronal networks using a TBI-on-a-chip model" in Lab on a Chip this August. The TBI-on-a-chip device allows researchers to track the effects of specific concussive forces on clusters of cultured neuronal cells, making it possible to study the damage done by a concussion immediately after injury.

Check out the press release here!







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