The research done at Purdue is diverse and driven by the varied interests of our faculty members and students. A few topics that we are or have been working on are:

  • The psychosocial effects of service dogs for service dog recipients and their families with K9s for Warriors.
  • The evaluation of the effects of Animal-Assisted Intervention, for example:
  • The effect of robotic animals, particularly the robotic dog Aibo
  • Canine Behavior Research at the Purdue Animal Behavior Clinic

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

  • Summer Research Opportunity Program (SROP) - a pathway to graduate education at Purdue University. This program is designed to provide equal access and opportunities to underrepresented and diverse students by preparing students for Graduate School by offering eight-weeks intensive research experiences, and graduate school resources that contributes to student's professional and academic growth.
  • Graduate Diversity Visitation Program (GDVP) - provides an opportunity for students with diverse experiences, backgrounds, and goals to learn about and consider graduate education at Purdue University.
  • PVM Vet Up! Programs - providing multiple opportunities and support for equity-minded individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds to enter the veterinary profession and serve society by advancing public health, ensuring food safety, or serving rural areas.