HABRI Central

HABRI Central is an online platform for open research and collaboration into the relationships between humans and animals, specifically companion animals.

HABRI Central uses a combination of library resources to facilitate the discovery, access, production, and preservation of human-animal interaction research. 

A bibliography of references to human-animal interaction literature helps you to discover existing research while a full-text repositoryallows you to freely access a wide-array of materials and tools.

Along with these library resources, community-driven discussion areas, blogs, and user groups all allow you to connect and share knowledge with experts, professionals, and others involved in the study of human-animal interaction.

By hosting all of these features in an easily accessible and centralized way, HABRI Central helps unite those involved in the study of human-animal interaction across disciplines while simultaneously lowering access barriers that might prevent the free flow of information among them.

Pet Safe

There are times when individuals or families cannot care for their pets. Homes might be lost to natural disasters, adults may seek emergency shelter to escape domestic violence, or the pet owner may need hospice care.

The PetSafe program, a community service offered by the Purdue Veterinary Medicine, meets the short-term housing needs of these pets.

PetSafe has successfully provided emergency shelter for approximately 15 pets per year since 1993 and has expanded to include pets affected by owners in hospice care.

Animal Behavior Clinic

If you feel that you do not understand your pet’s behavior and need help, we are here to assist you. Through a behavior consultation at the Purdue Animal Behavior Clinic, we will gather information regarding possible causes and contributing factors of the problematic behavior to make a diagnosis and intervention.

Since each animal and family is different, we determine the most feasible and suitable treatment plans to fit your individual situation.