Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Class of 2007

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First Row: Top Row: Kyle J. Becker, Emilie J. Blough, Gregory J. Borlik, Tamra D. Bowyer, Betsy A. Brownfield, Alicia J. Bundy, Grant N. Burcham, Jody L. Campbell, Elena Ceballos-Foley, Jessica L. Cooke, Angela M. Delks

Second Row: Second Row: Justin C. DeVanna, Kimberly M. Dimmich, Hayley C. Conahue, Erica M. Drake, Mary Oxley Ealing, Robyn M. Engel, Crystal A. Exline, Erica R. Hansen, Kristin K. Haviar, Timothy E. Hodge, Brooke L. Imus

Third Row: Third Row: Stephanie J. Johnson, Nicole Rae Jones, Jessica Q. Kirkpatrick, Jessica L. Lain, Ambr L. Leistner, Robin LePardo

Fourth Row: Fourth Row: Erin M. Mapes, Leah M. Martin, Michael T. McCann, Abigail McGaffney-Trapp, Lauren E. McWhirt, Jennifer G. Meade

Fifth Row: Fifth Row: Miranda M. Medema, Russell G. Mejeur, Michelle L. Meyer, Adam S. Miller, Andrea A. Monnig, Alison D. Muehrcke

Sixth Row: Sixth Row: Matthew W. Nolting, Sarah A. O’Connor, Kelly A. Metcalf Pate, Nathan M. Pate, Morgan R. Peterman, Kaija A. Platacis

Seventh Row: Seventh Row: Karin R. Potirus, Megan L. Potter, Kathryn C. Raymond, Nicole J. Robarge, Emily r. Schattel, Kristin E. Scott, Justin L. Sellon, Sarah J. Shaffer, Eryn A. Shipley, C. Derek Stansberry, Jeffrey A. Steurer

Eighth Row: Bottom Row: Melody Gierbolini Suarez, Jenelle E. Tarr, Dennis J. Trafny, Lesley A. Tragesser, Scott A. Trapp, Lisa M. Tubman, Sarah B. Turek, Jose Vilches-Moure, Theresa A. Weir, Sarah J. Withey, Hillary A. Young

Not Pictured: Not Pictured : Ann E. Streepey