General Serology Information

1. Please complete an appropriate Submission Form, available on the ADDL Forms page, and submit with sample.
2. All forms must be complete and legible.
3. All regulatory charts must include the submitting veterinarian’s signature and complete animal identification.
4. Board of Animal Health (BOAH) accepts ADDL submission forms for Brucellosis.
5. If a regulatory chart is required, no ADDL submission form is needed, unless additional tests requested, and it must have a veterinarian on record.
6. Please give advance notice when submitting large groups of serum samples.
7. Samples delivered by owners to the ADDL Serology Laboratory must be sealed using the veterinarian’s label or tape bearing the veterinarian’s signature.
8. Be aware that verification of any non-negative samples will cause a delay in the availability of results.
9. Samples must arrive before noon the day BEFORE the scheduled test is to be set (started). Please refer to the individual test information on our website for schedules.
10. Testing schedules may change to accommodate caseloads and/or holidays.
11. Tests forwarded to outside labs require veterinarian consent and will be subject to shipping costs.
12. Exports — the submitting veterinarian is responsible for informing ADDL of any special requirements (e.g. dilutions, test method) otherwise standard testing is performed.
13. Test regulations — for information please call: Indiana State Board of Animal Health (317)544-2400 or Federal USDA Assistant District Director (877)747-3038.
14. If there are any questions concerning submissions, please contact the ADDL Serology office at (765)494-7451 prior to submitting samples.

Submitting Serum Samples to ADDL

1. Please complete a CF.752 Serology Submission Form and/or CF.755 Multiple Animal Continuation Form (.xlsx) and submit with sample. Forms are available on the ADDL Forms page.
2. Email excel submission form to :
3. Fax forms to: 765-494-9181
4. Submitting at least 1 ml of clear serum in 5 ml cap tube (size 12x75) is preferred.
5. Identify each tube with a tube number at a minimum, additional identification is preferred.
6. Tube numbers must be in consecutive order (no skipped numbers).
7. Information on the tube label and submission form must match.
8. Submit acute and convalescent serum samples together. ADDL will not hold single samples pending a later submission.

Acceptable Forms for Submitting Serum Samples to ADDL

1. Form VS4-33 Brucellosis Test Record
Usage: All regulatory testing
Supplied by: State Board of Animal Health (317-544-2400) or request online
o Also available electronically

2. Form VS10-11 Equine Infectious Anemia Laboratory Test Record
Usage: EIA testing only
Supplied by: State Board of Animal Health (317-544-2400) or request online

3. Global Vet Link (GVL) for Equine Infectious Anemia Laboratory Test
Usage: EIA testing only
Supplied by Global Vet Link

4. CF.752 Serology Submission Form and additional ADDL forms available
Usage: All diagnostic testing
Supplied by: Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory
Downloadable version: Accession Forms

Test Abbreviations

AGG - Agglutination
AGID - Agar gel immunodiffusion
BAPA - Buffered acidified plate antigen
ELISA - Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay
cELISA - Competitive Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay
HI - Hemagglutination inhibition
IFA - Indirect fluorescent antibody assay
MA – Microagglutination
RIV – Rivanol
SA – Slide agglutination
SPT – Standard plate test
STT – Standard tube test
VN – Virus neutralization


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