Food and Beverage in the Veterinary Medical Complex

The provisions of the morning and noon food service and the ready availability of coffee and soft drinks complicate the problems of housekeeping and contribute to sanitation and aesthetic problems of the building environment.  Also there are public concerns as infectious disease agents and noxious substances constitute accentuated hazards that must be contended with in a medical setting such as ours. 

Accordingly, food and beverages are not to be consumed in any laboratories.  Food and beverages (exception is bottled water) are not to be taken into any classroom when a class is in session.  An exception is the Applications and Integrations small group meetings where refreshments are allowed.

Waste materials should be promptly and carefully deposited in appropriate waste receptacles.  Care and attention will prevent most spillage of food and beverages, but when accidents do occur the individual(s) responsible shall promptly police the area and return it to its normal order.

Smoking in the Veterinary Medical Complex

As of July 1, 2010, Purdue has become a SMOKE-FREE CAMPUS, and smoking will no longer be permitted on campus except in a limited number of designated areas. The ONLY designated area around the entire Veterinary College complex is at the northeast corner of Lynn Hall.  To view the entire policy and a map of designated smoking areas, please visit: 

Source:  Memo from Dean Lewis July 31, 1991
Revised August 20, 2002 by Academic Leaders Group
College of Veterinary Medicine Student Handbook