The Seven Pillars of Professionalism

I will strive to create awareness and promote a culture of accountability, responsibility, and respect that will develop veterinary technicians with integrity and honor, worthy of the public’s trust.

To this end, I as a student of the Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine will uphold the following pillars.

1. Respect

  • I will respect client and patient confidentiality as well as the use of teaching animals and specimen by not posting pictures of animals, specimens, or procedures associated with the College of Veterinary Medicine to the internet, including social media websites.
  • I will respect instructors, colleagues, and myself by arriving to class on time, remaining attentive during class, and being professional and tactful in my interactions with others.

2. Integrity

  • I will consistently represent our College in a positive manner both in the classroom and Veterinary Hospital as well as while I am off campus in both social and professional settings.

3. Honesty

  • I will complete assignments and exams honestly, providing only my own work and using only materials permitted by each course syllabus so as to become a competent veterinarian or veterinary nurse, capable of providing the best care possible for my future patients and protecting human health.

4. Responsibility

  • I will uphold my responsibility as a student in the College of Veterinary Medicine by striving to achieve the learning objectives of the curriculum and by providing the best possible attention to the animals under my care and to their owners.

5. Involvement

  • I will take an active role in our student body as a means of becoming an integrated member of our veterinary profession.

6. Compassion

  • I will treat all clients and patients with the same compassion I would wish for myself and my animals.

7. Community

  • I will work toward creating an accepting and inclusive environment for all members of our PVM family.

In consideration of these values, I will abide by these pillars in addition to the established policies of our veterinary college.