Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine

DVM Years 1-3 and Veterinary Nursing Student Dress Code


As a College, we are entrusted with the education of veterinary medical and nursing students in the areas necessary for them to be competent entry-level veterinarians and veterinary nurses.  A key component of this education is the development of a student’s professional identity.  A client’s initial impression of our appearance is a crucial factor by which our value as a professionals is assessed. We expect our students to demonstrate professionalism which includes professional attire.

When representing themselves as a student of PVM, a student shall be expected to:

  • Wear attire which is neat, clean, and professional as exemplified by:
    • clothing is free of rips, tears, fading, and patches
    • leggings shall be covered by a top or dress
    • medical scrubs free of logos other then the PVM logo
    • footwear which is protective and professional
      • closed toe shoes are required when working with animals and in all labs
    • adhering to commonly accepted standards for casual or business casual dress (refer to the "Dress Code 101" illustration on the link below for further description and examples)
  • Maintain personal hygiene and properly grooming, including clean and trimmed finger nails.

The following are prohibited:

  • headwear inside the building unless for religious, cultural, or medical purposes
  • displaying political messages
  • clothing which exposes undergarments/underwear or excessive areas of the torso
  • gym attire or sleepwear (spandex, gym shorts, yoga pants, etc.)
  • flip flops
  • strongly scented products (i.e. perfumes, colognes, aftershave, etc.) (respecting that some individuals are allergic)
  • long, hooped, or dangling jewelry, including piercings, for safety purposes

Faculty and staff are authorized to enforce the dress code. If the standard of dress is considered unacceptable, the student will be required to change before participating further in PVM activities. Dress requirements for specific courses or labs take precedence over this dress code. For any questions regarding the dress code, please direct them to the Office of Academic Affairs.