Lab and Computer Use Policy

Small Group (Computer) Laboratory

The Small Group (Computer) Laboratory, located in Room 2213, is provided for the use of PVM students, faculty, and staff. PVM intends to operate these facilities in a manner consistent with the University Instructional Laboratories and in a way which will provide unique learning opportunities to all members of the PVM community. 


The Small Group Laboratory are intended to enhance educational and professional activities of all members of PVM.  These purposes are interpreted broadly and may encompass almost any reasonable computing activity. 


Conflicts over the use of the facilities, should they arise, will be resolved according to the following priority list: (1) Use for a regularly scheduled class, which is part of the PVM academic program. (2) Use for a special class or training activity, which has been scheduled through the Office of Students Services. (3)  Use by individuals for study, professional efforts, etc. Note:  Because the computers in the Small Groups Labs are fitted with special hardware, some applications available in these labs are not available in the Purdue IT instructional laboratories.  Priority should be given to students attempting to use these special applications. (4)  Ad hoc meetings, etc.  During the last two weeks of each semester, including weekends, the laboratory will not be scheduled for any activity other than formal PVM classes. 


As nearly as possible, the labs will operate on a 7-day, 24-hour schedule. Scheduled maintenance will, as far as possible, take place during periods of relative inactivity in the laboratory.  However, computer use in the laboratory may be prohibited during academic recesses to allow computer maintenance and upgrades.  All maintenance and upgrades will be made by VIS employees. 


Access to the laboratory will be by key card issued by the Building Deputy.


In general, these rooms are not to be used for live animal exercises. An exception would be the use of demonstration animals for a class such as Applications and Integrations. 

Use as a Classroom 


Use of the Small Group Laboratory for special group events should be scheduled through the Office of Student Services. Use for classes should also be scheduled through this office. 


In addition to computers and associated peripherals, certain equipment is provided in the small group laboratory. This includes power strips, tables, chairs, partitions, and other equipment. Instructors are free to rearrange the rooms to best suit a particular class; however when individuals or classes rearrange furniture or other equipment, time should be provided at the end of the session to return these items to their regular configuration (tables clustered for small group instruction).


The computers and associated equipment in the Small Group Laboratory is checked each morning Monday-Friday to insure that hardware is functioning and that all software has been restored to its specified condition. This does not guarantee that a particular unit will not stop functioning throughout the day. If it is found that a problem exists with any unit, that condition should be reported immediately to the PVMIT Information desk (41153). 

Use for Independent Study


Permitted uses of the Laboratory are broadly defined to include academic and professional activities. It has been noted that some students use these computers for recreational activities such as browsing the World Wide Web for entertainment and playing computer games. In general, these activities will be permitted as long as they are not done at the expense of other users who have need of computing resources for more serious purposes.  Software installed in the laboratory without proper authorization will likely be removed within a day or two as computers are restored to their regular condition. Students who have a need for particular programs which are not available should contact the instructor of the course for which the software is required. The instructor should contact the Director of the VIS Veterinary Computer Network to see if there are any problems with installing the software, insure that it is legally permitted on our machines, and to arrange for its installation.


The computers in the Small Group Laboratory may not be used for purposes which are illegal or which violate University policy. Use of the computers for purposes such as invading other computer systems where the user is not authorized, installing illegal or unlicensed software, gambling, or downloading or viewing pornographic materials will result in disciplinary action. Unauthorized removal of equipment from the laboratory will likewise result in disciplinary action. 

Disciplinary Action 


Use contrary to University Policy includes, but is not limited to, installation of pirated software, attempts to “break-in” to other university computers, downloading and or viewing material which could be considered offensive or harassing, and conducting of commercial activities.  Users violating these policies will be referred to the office of the Dean of Students or to the appropriate supervisor or Department Head for corrective action.


Illegal actions include theft of university property, viewing or downloading of Child Pornography as defined under Indiana Statute, threatening or harassing language or actions. In all cases illegal activities, when discovered, will be referred to the University Police. 

Date Approved: June 1, 2000
Document Revised and Approved by Senior Leadership Team: August 5, 2021