Final Exam Scheduling

The College of Veterinary Medicine, in keeping with the final examination policy adopted by the University Senate (University Senate Document 66-7, revised), and in accordance with the American Veterinary Medical Association's requirements that professional education consists of not less than 4 years of 32 weeks each, and in the belief that preparation for a comprehensive examination over a body of subject matter has educational value equal to that obtained during an average week in a regularly scheduled course, hereby establishes the following policy: 

  1. Scheduling of a final class period (final examination period) in regularly scheduled courses shall be done by the Curriculum Committee in cooperation with the Schedule and Space Deputy.  The time and place of the final class period for each course will be published before the end of the 12th week of the semester. 
  2. Units of instruction other than clinics which have an instructional period of  less than 16 weeks shall have a final class period (final examination period) scheduled by the department head of the responsible department in cooperation with the Schedule and Space Deputy.  Approval of the Curriculum Committee and publication of the schedule two weeks prior to the final examination will be required.
  3. The time utilized for the final class period shall not exceed three hours for any course.
  4. No examination or quiz may be given during the week (three days in summer session) preceding the final examination period of the semester.  (Examinations for laboratory, intensive or mini courses are excluded.)
  5. If no educational benefit will be served by any type of meeting during the sixteenth week because educational objectives have been achieved, a department may dismiss this class meeting during the sixteenth week. 
  6. After the final examination schedule has been approved by the Curriculum Committee, changes in a final class period schedule may be effected only by the cooperative action of the Curriculum Committee and the Schedule and Space Deputy.  Requests for changes must be presented by the class representative or the professor in charge of the course and must represent a three-fourths majority opinion of the class and have the approval of the professor in charge of the course.

Faculty Document #79-11

College of Veterinary Medicine Student Handbook