Curriculum Committee

Committee Charge

  • Evaluate and approve proposed changes to the DVM curriculum
  • Evaluate and approve new courses
  • Evaluate the pre-veterinary curriculum and recommend changes to improve student preparation
  • Evaluate and approve the academic calendar for the 4th year curriculum
  • Respond to recommendations made by the Curriculum Assessment Committee
  • Alert the Curriculum Assessment Committee to current issues that may warrant attention

Committee Organization

  • Membership (AVMA Council on Education requires that the curriculum committee membership consist of a majority of full-time faculty)
    • 2 faculty elected by the faculty of each academic department: BMS, CPB, VCS
    • Faculty serve 3-year terms and may serve a maximum of 2 sequential terms
    • 1 student representative and 1 alternate elected from each of the 4 DVM classes with one vote per class for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year classes
    • Students serve 1-year terms; multiple sequential terms are preferred because of the experience gained each term
    • Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
    • Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs
    • A faculty chairperson will be elected by the committee and preferably serve for at least 2-years
    • Administrative support will be provided by they Dean's Office staff

Faculty Document #2018-4

College of Veterinary Medicine Student Handbook