Wellness Room

The Wellness Room is made available to students of PVM, partly through a generous donation from the Purdue Veterinary Medicine DVM Class of 1991. 

The Wellness Room is intended to encourage students to take moments of self-care, quiet, rest, mindfulness, and reflection throughout the day. Some students even find time for a cat nap in between classes. We recognize that our students, interns, and residents are often working long hours so having a comfortable space to take some down time is very important. The Wellness Room is located in LYNN B210 and open 24-hours via access with your keycard.

The Wellness room is equipped with several comfortable bean bags, blankets, pillows, yoga mats, soft lighting, a massage chair, and light therapy lamps. Coloring books, markers, and puzzles can be found in the cabinets. Food is not allowed in this room as it is intended as a clean space for relaxation and unwinding. To enhance your time in mindfulness or meditation, experiment with the following popular websites and apps while relaxing in the Wellness Room.