Student Wellness Subcommittee

Student wellness representatives are members of WELCOM and focus their planning efforts on programs aimed to support DVM, VN, and graduate students. If you have suggestions regarding student wellness initiatives, feel free to reach out to your student wellness cohort representative.

SAVMA Wellness Resources


We are recruiting a Student Wellness Rep from PVM's graduate students!  Please email if you are interested. 

Student Wellness Events: 

Massage Day will happen October 6th!

Student Wellness Representatives

DVM Class of 2024

  • Kendall Floto
  • Taylor Pfeifer

DVM Class of 2025

  • Sydney Gehlhausen
  • Elisa Ortiz
DVM Class of 2026
  • Michael Anderson
  • Lisa Hoard
DVM Class of 2027
  • Katerine Angeles
  • Erin Ison

VN Class of 2024

  • Amber Baker

VN Class of 2025

  • Aaliyah Turner

VN Class of 2026

  • Bridgett Sullivan

Graduate Student Representative