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The Purdue Veterinary Medicine (PVM) Extension Service advances the delivery of practical applications of research from Purdue University and around the world to the citizens of Indiana that own production agriculture animals. Simply put, PVM veterinarians involved in Extension will strive to help the farmers of Indiana to produce healthy and productive agricultural animals in a sustainable fashion.

If a farm visit is scheduled, your local veterinarian and other professionals of your choice will be invited to participate.

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In cases of emergency, please contact the Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory at 765-494-7440.

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Meet the Director

Dr. Lossie is a 2014 graduate of the Purdue College of Veterinary Medicine, where he also completed a three year residency in Poultry Diagnostic Medicine. He then worked for a vertically integrated broiler company as the staff veterinarian before making the transition back to academia first at The Ohio State University of College of Veterinary Medicine and then back to his alma matter!

Dr. Lossie is interested in exploration of novel pathogens affecting poultry and the interconnections of the gut microbiome and disease. He is passionate about teaching others how to properly care for poultry, focusing on proper husbandry and disease prevention. Dr. Lossie has background in all types of poultry production including: backyard/small flocks, pet chickens, layers, broilers, turkeys, and breeders. He is available to help trouble shoot health and productivity issues for all types of poultry throughout the state of Indiana.

Dr. Geoffrey Lossie

Dr. Geoffrey A. Lossie, DVM, MS

Clinical Assistant Profesor, Pathology
Avian Diagnostician
Director, Veterinary Extension

Contact Information

2017 - MS | Purdue University
2014 - DVM | Purdue University

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