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Partner Rate

The Veterinary Nursing Distance Learning (VNDL) program is proud to offer a special partnership tuition rate to veterinary practice employees. The partnership tuition rate is $227/credit hour, which is a 16% discount from the normal tuition rate of $270/credit hour. The VNDL program does NOT charge a separate fee for out-of-state residents.

How to Qualify for the Partner Rate

In order to qualify for the Partner Rate, the following criteria must be met:

  • A veterinary practice must enroll a minimum of two employees in the VNDL program.
  • The veterinary practice must pay a portion (or all) of the employees’ tuition through Purdue’s Sponsored Billing.
  • The students must enroll in a minimum of four (4) credits each semester.
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Benefits for a Vet Practice

  • A great opportunity that allows your practice to support your outstanding veterinary assistants to become excellent veterinary technicians.
  • Your veterinary assistants can continue to work full or part time in your practice while they earn a degree from Purdue University that can lead to becoming a credentialed veterinary technician.
  • Gives veterinarians and credentialed veterinary technicians in your practice an opportunity to mentor other students and give back to the profession.
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Benefits for Employees

  • Take advantage of the opportunity to earn your degree in veterinary nursing with financial support from your employer.
  • Advance your career opportunities and earning potential by obtaining a degree that allows you to sit for the Veterinary Technician National Exam (VTNE) and become a credentialed veterinary technician.
  • Continue to work at your practice and earn money while you earn your degree.
  • Graduates from Purdue’s VNDL program have one of the highest VTNE pass rates in the country (90-95%).

How Can My Practice/Employees Participate?

If your practice would like to participate or you have questions about the Partner Rate program, you can contact

If you are ready to participate, you will need to submit the following information via email to

  • Practice name, address, and phone number.
  • Name and email for a contact person at the practice that Purdue can communicate with regarding the Partner Rate program.
  • Names and date of birth (DOB) of a minimum of two practice employees that will be applying to begin the VNDL program. The DOB is needed to track applicants through the admissions process prior to them receiving a Purdue ID number (PUID).

What is the Timeline for Obtaining the Partner Rate?

Once your practice has submitted the practice contact information and the names and DOB of a minimum of two employees that will take part in the program, the employees should immediately apply for admission to the VNDL program.  Applications for all semesters open every year on September first and the application for each semester closes on the following dates:

  • Spring semester deadline – November 1
  • Summer semester deadline – April 1
  • Fall semester deadline – June 1

The VNDL application is closed from June 1 through August 31.

Learn about the admission requirements and application for the VNDL program.

In order for an admission application to be considered, the application must be complete (including all high school and college transcripts) by the admission deadline. 

Applicants who meet the VNDL admission criteria will receive an email from the Office of Admissions letting the applicant know that they have been admitted. This letter will contain next steps for the admitted student. It is very important that admitted students promptly activate their online student career account and accept their admission. The special partner rate tuition cannot be applied to VNDL students until after they have been admitted, accepted their admission, and registered for classes.

In order for the Partner Rate tuition to be applied, applicants must:

  • be admitted to the VNDL program and registered for courses by the Friday before a semester begins
  • be registered for a minimum of four credit hours of VNDL courses
  • have an employer that is paying at least a portion of the students’ tuition using Purdue’s third-party billing.