Pet Grief and Loss Online Support Resources

Lap of Love  Dedicated to supporting pet families by providing information, resources, palliative, and hospice care to families who have geriatric or end of life circumstances with their pet family members.

Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement  Provides pet loss and grief support and honoring the human animal bond with resources, support groups and education on the loss of pet family members.  Hosts many resources and supports to assist families in coping with the loss of their pet family member.

Veterinary Wisdom  Honoring the human animal bond and capturing the love with memorial ideas to assist pet families with remembering their pet family members.

Hoofbeats in Heaven  (Equine Loss Support) Devoted to assisting families through the grief and loss of their horse.

IAADP Assistance Dogs Loss Committee  (For Service Dogs) Supports families in coping with the loss of their service dog through peer facilitated support calls and resources.

Kali’s Wish Cancer Foundation Supporting pets and their families through pet cancer.

Disclaimer: These are suggestions and not an endorsement of any kind by Purdue.  This to provide the reader with resources to assist in the grief and loss process of pet family members. Please visit the website to get more information.  These websites listed above are for support and information and may be monitored by volunteers who are not professional therapists.  If you are experiencing prolonged grief or deep depression please seek out a professional therapist or dial 988 for immediate needs.