Memorial Ideas

Part of the grieving process is bridging how to keep our beloved pet in our hearts and learning how to move forward.

Memorials and rituals can assist us in that process by focusing on the life of your pet, the love you shared and the memories. These tributes can help us attend to the wonderful memories and positive times we spent with our pets.

Here is a list of some memorial ideas pet parents have done in the past. And, of course, an internet search can also bring up many other creative ideas.

  • Private celebration of life/”parting day” or farewell event with perhaps a toast to your pet
  • Include family and social networks in reminiscing over shared memories
  • Tribute through a walking ceremony on your pet’s favorite path
  • Integrate spiritual or religious practices in celebrating your pet
  • Burial in the pet’s special place in the yard
  • Burial of ashes near other beloved family pets who passed on previously
  • Plant a memorial garden
  • Create a stepping stone in the garden in memory of your pet
  • Include children in making mementos such as a memory book can assist children with processing grief
  • Memory box/shadow box
  • Framed picture with your pet’s collar attached
  • Embroider your pets name on a blanket with their paw print
  • Digital paw prints
  • Paw print ornament
  • Paw print wind chime
  • Planting trees in the pet’s name
  • Jewelry that encases the ashes, or made with their paw print
  • Pet reliquary (memorial lockets)
  • Collar and tags flower pot
  • Donation to a charity in memoriam
  • Commission a portrait
  • Christmas tree ornament
  • Pet portrait statue
  • Memory poem
  • Tattoos
  • Stuffed pet look alike
  • Pet pillows