Community Resources

These are resources within the local Purdue and Lafayette/West Lafayette communities. This listing is not an endorsement of the following agencies but to provide the reader an awareness of what is within the community.

Animal Advocates of Lafayette (AAGL)

  • Rehoming Service: Home To Home is a way for the community to rehome pets WITHOUT sending a pet to an animal shelter. Home To Home is used in over 60 communities and growing every day.
  • Other Services: AAGL provides humane education to meet community needs, advocates for companion animal welfare, provides services and programs to support companion animal welfare, and works to ensure that every animal in the community is properly cared for and valued.

Contact AAGL through Facebook.

PawSwap of Great Lafayette

An animal rescue organization that tries to keep the animals in their homes whenever possible. If that is not possible, the organization helps the owners rehome their animals safely and responsibly without them ever entering a shelter facility. PawSwap utilizes foster homes whenever owners have urgent requests or when shelters need assistance.

PawSwap can be contacted on Facebook.

Community Shelters

Almost Home Humane Society (AHHS)

Almost Home is contracted with the cities of Lafayette and West Lafayette to accept all stray animals found within the city limits of either city.

Contact at  765-474-5222

Natalie’s Second Chance Dog Shelter

This is a no kill dog shelter that rescues all kinds of dogs in need all over the state of Indiana.

Contact at  765-742-2200

Loving Heart Animal Shelter

The mission of Loving Heart Animal Shelter is to rescue healthy and treatable dogs and cats in our community and provide them with the love and care they need to find permanent homes.

Contact at  765-413-0521

Wildlife Centers

Wildcat Creek Wildlife Center

Wildcat Creek Wildlife Center’s goal is to protect and conserve the wildlife and ecosystem of Indiana through rehabilitation, public education, networking, and providing an educational volunteer experience.

Contact at  765-491-2351