Peace of Mind Program: Consider Long-Range Planning for the Care of Your Pet

Established in 1996, the Peace of Mind Program provides pet owners and the animals they love with a prearranged means ensuring the pets' future care after the owner passes. The program places the enrolled animal into a loving new home matched to the wishes detailed in the will provision and insures that the pet receives comprehensive medical care for the rest of its life.

Finding a stable, loving home for the pet once the owner is deceased is one of the most important aspects of the program. Unless the owner has identified an adoptive home, the program works directly with the animal's veterinarian and the College's network of Purdue veterinarians to attend to the needs of each pet until an appropriate adoptive home is located. After the pet is adopted and lives out the rest of its life with its new family, the remainder of the bequest will provide support for the College of Veterinary Medicine.

Enroll Your Pet

PVM Advancement staff will guide you through the process of enrolling your pet into the program by obtaining detailed information about your pet's home life and daily routines, including the contact information for your veterinarian. This process will help to ensure a smooth transition when the time comes to place your pet in a new foster home.

Enrollment in the Peace of Mind program requires a minimum bequest of $25,000 per pet. All will provisions should reference the Purdue Foundation and designate the College of Veterinary Medicine and the Peace of Mind Program as the beneficiary. Notifying us of your bequests allows us to consider long-range planning for the care of your pet.

For help, or further information, on documenting your estate plans please feel free to phone the Office of Advancement at 800-830-0104.

How You Make a Difference by Enrolling Your Pet

  • Your pet is assured a loving home, companionship and medical treatment.
  • You gain peace of mind and comfort knowing that you have planned for future care, support and love for your pet.
  • You contribute substantially to the long-term advancement of veterinary medical education and animal health care.
  • Enrolling in this program provides you access to estate planning personnel through Purdue University.