Canine Glioma Surgery

Canine gliomas (malignant brain tumors usually found deep within the brain tissue) are the second most common brain tumors in dogs and the hardest to treat. They are especially common in brachycephalic (short-nosed) breeds like the Boxer dog and Boston Terrier. Many dogs are treated with symptomatic therapy (steroids and seizure medications) and their average survival is just 2 months.

The Purdue University Veterinary Hospital has teamed up with the IU School of Medicine. Dr. Tim Bentley and Dr. Aaron Cohen-Gadol commonly remove these tumors. Post-operative MRIs are performed at no cost to the owner of the patient, and most often these confirm successful removal of the entire tumor.

Glioma surgery is often available at little or no cost to patients of the Veterinary Hospital and the costs of treatment are covered by our grants and clinical trials. Check out our list of clinical trials to see if we currently have any clinical trials open for dogs diagnosed with glioma!

Vanilla Bean's Success Story


Vanilla Bean was one of our patients who underwent canine glioma surgery. Her surgery and metronomic chemotherapy were a total success and now she is in complete remission, fully recovered, and back home enjoying a healthy life again!

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