Canine Brain Tumor Research Program

The PVM Canine Brain Tumor Research Program is a research program involving all aspects of canine brain tumor research:

  • Diagnosis using MRI
  • Surgery
  • Chemotherapy
  • Other post-operative therapies

We also work closely with the Radiation Oncology service who provide radiation therapy including Stereotactic Radiosurgery.

Directed by Dr. Timothy Bentley, a board-certified veterinary neurologist and neurosurgeon, we run clinical trials and other research designed to improve the diagnosis, management and understanding of canine brain cancer. Working closely with collaborators all across campus here at Purdue, and collaborators at the IU School of Medicine, we also work towards finding new therapies and surgical devices for human brain tumor patients. Canine brain tumor surgeries are commonly performed in conjunction with an MD neurosurgeon at the IU School of Medicine.

Participate in the Program

If eligible, dogs suspected of having a brain tumor undergo a brain MRI for reduced cost. Eligibility requirements include complete bloodwork and chest radiographs within the last month.

Dog owners seeking more information should contact the Clinical Trials Office at

Referring veterinarians should contact Dr. Timothy Bentley at 765-494-1107 or

Before and After

A pre-operative mri reveals a large tumor, notice the white capsule (red arrows).
Post-operative mri confirms complete remission and the white areas have been removed (yellow arrow).

Recent Publications