Jayme Richardson

Jayme Richardson
Project Manager, Veterinary Specialty Center

"One of the best things I learned from participating in Purdue's VPMP program was how to motivate, reward and keep employees. This is particularly difficult to accomplish in the veterinary industry due to the high stress and compassion fatigue that plagues us all. The program thoroughly demonstrated how expensive it is to continuously train new employees compared to keeping them and for this reason, the program has proven to be invaluable.

"You will learn a lot, but also network with like-minded individuals in the industry that want to better not only their hospitals, but themselves as well. I have formed amazing relationships and our network continues to support each other even after the program ended. 

"​Anyone that wants to take their practice from good to great. You will also get a ton of really great ideas that you are easily able to implement right away."

Jennie Killian

Jennie Killian

"Each of the modules provided valuable information to take back home.  I completed the finance module first, and learned a lot about the difference between an income statement and a balance sheet-I still refer back to my notes over a year later!  The HR module really opened up my eyes about how to leverage my team and focus on staff satisfaction.  I felt very comfortable knowing that these things take time, and not to feel rushed through the process.  We even brought some of the class exercises back and did them with the staff-they had a blast!  The Strategic Thinking module was the last one I completed, and was the perfect finishing topic.  It really opened my eyes to how to approach the big tasks that we try and swallow whole during our busy days.  Just like HR, these things take time and commitment, and the benefits are so great!

"I have recommended the VPMP program to multiple friends that are veterinarians.  I also plan to send doctors from my staff that will eventually play an administrative role in the practice.  The learning experience in this program is so unique and catered to learning professionals.  The combination of lectures and then small group work solidifies the concepts.  Since the class size is small, you really feel like you know your classmates by the end of the module.  It is also valuable to be surrounded by others in our industry-so many of our lunches and evening activities were filled with learning from each other about how we handle situations in our own practices.  I was so inspired by the learning experience at VPMP that I have decided to return for their MBA program and further my career even more!

"Both practice owners and practice managers can benefit from this experience!  I found it very advantageous to have myself and my practice manager attend the sessions as a pair.  This way, we  were able to work together and learn together.  This increased our ability to apply the information once we got back to our day-today lives."

Kate Nechamkin, Hospital Manager, Hope Advanced Veterinary Center

Kate Nechamkin
Hospital Manager, Hope Advanced Veterinary Center

"I have truly enjoyed my time working through the Veterinary Practice Management certificate program at Purdue University's Krannert School of Management. The CEO of our hospital suggested that I enroll based on her experience with the program in 2003.

"I found each cohort interesting and thought provoking, although not all the recommendations fit the model for the specialty and referral hospital I manage. The concepts and group discussions really allowed me to think about my own hospital in a different way. I also believe that the financial module will benefit me tremendously when I sit for the CVPM exam in a few months. This entire course was good preparation for that exam as well as counting for my required CE during the application process.

"The networking was another great part of this experience. I met colleagues from similar hospitals all over the country and we have kept in touch throughout the program. The insight on how practices and clients vary around the country was really interesting. The veterinary community is relatively small so I know these relationships will benefit me throughout my career. I would definitely recommend this program to other practice managers to help them increase their knowledge and form long-lasting relationships with their peers."

Whit Refvem, Practice Manager, Chappelle Small Animal Hospital

Whit Refvem
Practice Manager, Chappelle Small Animal Hospital

"The Veterinary Practice Management Program at Purdue University has come and gone by at a much faster rate than I anticipated. This four-part program was first suggested to me by my clinics previous practice manager, who has been in the veterinary field for over 29 years and went through the program herself. I have been in the veterinary field for over 15 years and was somewhat unaware of the vast depth and dedication of the veterinary management field until I took over the position.

"The VPMP program was a great way to establish some ground in the new management world and gather many tools. I appreciated the four-module format because it gave me the time to implement each part individually. I enjoyed revisiting and working with my peers at Krannert and seeing how they changed and improved their veterinary practices across the country after each module."

Donna Mandato, RVT, Practice Manager, North Georgia Veterinary Specialists

Donna Mandato, RVT
Practice Manager, North Georgia Veterinary Specialists

"Having the opportunity to expand my knowledge and broaden my horizon at Purdue University has been a true blessing. In taking classes with this university, I have expanded my way of thinking and have been given insight into a new approach to something I have been doing for 25 years. Communication and teamwork are two main ingredients for success in any business, and these are some of the many important lessons I have learned. I was given a chance to collaborate and gain new and fresh ideas from other professionals. I will always be grateful for this wonderful experience."

Carrie Brzostowski, LVT, Hospital Manager, Hope Advanced Veterinary Center

Carrie Brzostowski, LVT
Hospital Manager, Hope Advanced Veterinary Center

"About a year ago I met with my CEO to discuss my goals for running my practice. I explained to her what I felt my strengths and weaknesses were for achieving those goals, and how I wanted to increase my knowledge in the areas I was less familiar. She described to me the VPMP program at Purdue, and offered that I should attend the program. She attended the program (formerly VMI) in 2002 and found it vital to her success. After just the first module it was interesting to see where she learned how to practically apply so many of the theories and ideas that she learned in the seminars; much of the teachings are truly successful to running a healthy practice.

"I’ve enjoyed my time here at Purdue in the VPMP program. The discussions in the classes have been helpful and relevant. Speaking with other practice managers who are battling similar obstacles and problem solving together with them has been instrumental; not to mention the multiple contacts acquired from networking with other attendees. I do believe I have gained a strong foundation of tools and knowledge to achieve those goals I set for myself last year, and also, I added a bunch of new ones! Cathy, the teachers, and the rest of the Purdue team have been wonderful!"