Strategic Thinking: Creating a Plan for Loyalty & Growth

Module Description

The strategic thinking module integrates the three previous modules to provide the big picture and to develop a blueprint for success. Skills will be developed to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace and a broad understanding of goals, strengths and opportunities. Discover how the organization can best match its goals, strengths, limitations, and resources with the opportunities and challenges in the external business environment. Through a combination of lecture, case analysis, and hands-on-exercises, participants will examine the key components of an integrated business strategy and will apply the management knowledge and skills learned toward the development of a functional business plan.


Logan Jordan, Ph.D.

Dr. Logan Jordan is the Associate Dean for Administration at the Krannert School, where he serves as “chief of staff “ and overseas the school's infrastructure and support services. His academic area is strategic management, and his teaching has included courses in corporate strategy, competitive advantage and the management of innovation and technology. He has taught in Krannert’s undergraduate, masters, and executive programs. In the animal health arena he has taught in programs for Pfizer Animal Health – Europe, Novartis, and Pfizer – North America; presented to sessions of the AAHA, AVMA and AAFP; and instructed the VPMP strategic thinking module since 1998. Dr. Jordan’s thesis work studied the management and organizational structures of Colleges of Veterinary Medicine.


CVPMAll courses in this program are applicable toward the continuing education requirement for the Certified Veterinary Practice Manager program offered by the Veterinary Hospital Managers Association.