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AHVA (Holistic Vet Association)


Holistic or integrative medicine is the examination and diagnosis of an animal considering all aspects of the animal’s life, as well as the combination of conventional and alternative (or complementary) modalities for treatment. Holistic practitioner’s place special emphasis on not just a physical exam but also the pet’s history and environment with regard to diet, emotional stress, and distant history.  

PHVMA works to expose veterinary students to this often overlooked area of veterinary medicine that is not included into the Purdue veterinary curriculum, as in several other veterinary schools in the US. Invited speakers throughout the year address various non-western treatment modalities. These topics include Chinese acupuncture, herbal therapies, massage therapy, chiropracty, plus others. Holistic therapies often offer the most efficacious, least invasive, least expensive, and least harmful path to cure. These treatment options are addressed for their potential to be integrated into conventional medicine.  

  • Previous President - Stephanie Landrum ’13
  • Previous Vice President - Anna Jansons ’14
  • Previous Secretary - Amanda Bloomberg ’13
  • Previous Treasurer - Anna Jones ’13
  • Previous Faculty Advisor - Dr. Diane Bevier, VCS